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The August 2007 Footnote News email from the desk of listed the following titles of scanned image record groups that may help with your ancestral quest.

Titles Recently Launched on Footnote
  • Confederate Amnesty Papers
  • Custer's Court Martial
  • Mormon Battalion Pension Files
  • Supreme War Council, American Records
  • War of 1812 Prize Cases
  • Texas Death Certificates

New Titles Coming Soon to Footnote

  • US Strategic Bombing Survey-Japanese Target Analysis
  • Missing Air Crew Reports from WWII (1942-1947)
  • Slave Records for DC
  • Records of the Department of State WWI (1914-1929)
  • Negotiations relating to the Treaty of Ghent (1813-1815)
  • Records of the Vice Admiralty-NY

Titles [they are] still working on:

  • Texas Birth Records (1903-10, 1926-29)
  • Civil War Pensions
  • Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New York Naturalization Records
  • Revolutionary War Service Records
  • Revolutionary War Pension Files
  • Navy Widow's Certificates (1861-1910)
  • Goffstown, NH Annual Reports (1890-1900)
  • Gorrell's History - WWI

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