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(Offer Expires at 12 Noon EDT, Wednesday, September 5, 2007)

Dear “Genealogy Pointers” Subscriber:
Celebrate the long Labor Day weekend by saving big-time on shipping costs at

For the next six days you can order any quantity of books and/or CDs on our website and pay only one cent additional for PARCEL POST shipping. You can order as many times as you like before noon on Wednesday, September 5, 2007, and be charged just a penny for postage and handling on each order.

This limited-time offer applies to every book and CD in our collection. For example, you can use the penny offer towards our 40%-and-more-off "Genealogy Warehouse" books; or you can buy Elizabeth Shown Mills' remarkable new book, Evidence Explained: Citing Historical Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, for $49.96, just one cent more than the retail price.

Or, you can select one or more of the five CD-ROM publications that are on sale this week and pay just a penny to have it/them sent to your address. Anything on our site at all!You do not have to do anything special to receive this special offer.

Our shopping cart will automatically calculate $.01 on every PARCEL POST order you place. Are you going to be away from your computer over the holiday weekend? Not to worry. The penny-for-shipping special is in effect right now, and it doesn't expire until the middle of the day on the Wednesday after the holiday.

Important Exception: This special offer applies only to PARCEL POST shipments. All UPS, Federal Express, and postal shipping methods other than parcel post (e.g., Priority Mail, Next-Day Mail) will be charged our regular shipping prices.

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To order other than online, you can:
1. Order by mail: 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 260 - Baltimore, Maryland21211-1953

2. Fax your order to 1-410-752-8492

3. Call toll-free to our sales department at 1-800-296-6687.

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