Thursday, August 02, 2007

Improving society presentations

(and I don't mean better debutante balls)

Shouldn't we put those overhead transparencies to rest as relics from the “olden days” of public speaking?

PowerPoint and other digital presentation software programs are considered the norm at genealogy society meetings and annual seminars, where once they were observed only at large regional or national genealogy conferences.

In the early years, when laptops with PowerPoint were emerging as a public speaker’s tool, Ol' Myrt was cautious. Since the pressure was on to perform at a high level when presenting at annual seminars (typically fundraisers for a regional genealogical society), I had two plans of action for each class:
  • file folder with overhead transparencies
  • an overhead transparency projector
  • laptop with the PowerPoint presentation

I relied on the society to provide a computer projector, but more often than not, the hookup took 30+ minutes to facilitate, so I finally purchased my own projector.

That was then, this is now. Most genealogy societies have many members with laptops, and some are willing to provide theirs as a back-up laptop. Now Ol' Myrt takes:

  • laptop with the PowerPoint presentation
  • flash drive with PowerPoint presentation file
  • flash drive with a “read only” version of the PowerPoint presentation, that can be played on any Windows compatible PC even if it doesn’t have the PowerPoint software installed
  • high-lumens multimedia projector

I also require that the society provide a large, 10 foot x 10 foot projection screen, since a sheet tacked to the wall just doesn’t cut it.


Happy family tree climbing!
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