Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MacFamilyTree 5 Sneak Preview

MacFamilyTree 5 Sneak Preview - MacFamilyTree 5 to be released in 2007

55129 Mainz, DE Aug 15, 2007

Mayence, Germany - August 14th, 2007 - Today, Synium Software GmbH is announcing the most important update so far for MacFamilyTree, on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of our popular genealogy software.

Due to be released before the end of 2007, version 5.0 of MacFamilyTree will offer huge improvements. For everyone interested in some more detailed information before it becomes available, we're proud to present you with a "Sneak Preview" of the update. Just visit our preview page on and you will find many screenshots and inside-information on the upcoming new release of MacFamilyTree.

All customers who purchase MacFamilyTree 4 on or after August 14th, 2007, will automatically receive registration keys for unlocking the MacFamilyTree 5 download when it is available. The keys will be fully valid for version 5 without any restrictions. Existing customers of version 4 or even version 3 who purchased MacFamilyTree prior to August 14th, 2007, will be entitled for a discounted update upon release of MacFamilyTree 5.

This fifth major release will be the most significant update to MacFamilyTree. The application has been rewritten from scratch, using the most adavanced software technology. We'd now like to give you a short overview of the new features right here:* completely configurable user interface: windows and panes for data entry and manipulation can be fitted according to your personal liking.

* the entirely new, fully animated Family Assistant dynamically and graphically guides you through the process of creating and maintaining your family trees.

* by leveraging the power of Apple's CoreData database technology we enable MacFamilyTree to easily handle multiple tens of thousands of individuals and families.

* much improved Views, including a virtual globe to interactively visualize your family tree through time and space.

* integrated web-hosting service, allowing all registered customers free of charge to upload their family trees as HTML to the Internet.

* Views can now be edited just like you'd expect from a DTP program and be easily prepared for printed output.

What's more:

* new and improved HTML export now includes user-selectable themes.

* MacFamilyTree 5 is now integrated with .Mac to facilitate sharing of your family trees via Apple's own dedicated web-hosting service.

* Reports can now be edited to allow for a truely professional presentation of data from your family trees.

* fully compatible with GEDCOM to share your genealogy data.

Starting with the upcoming fifth release, Synium Software GmbH acquires all rights to MacFamilyTree. We have been actively developing MacFamilyTree since version 3.0 and will now also be responsible for distribution and support.

As a service to all you interested in or using MacFamilyTree, we've created an illustrated timeline featuring your favorite genealogy software and giving you a good insight into how this complex application has evolved through altogether more than a decade:

We very much love to allow you a glimpse onto software development on the Mac platform, and the different Apple technologies that have come to be employed on the way.

Synium Software GmbH is a software development and consulting company, based in Mainz (Mayence), Germany. Apart from being a successful publisher within the Mac software market, we offer a popular web-based news service on for the German-speaking audience.

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