Thursday, August 02, 2007

New NARA podcast series: "Presidential Archives Uncovered"

Presidential Libraries of the National Archives Launch Podcast

August 2, 2007
From: Public Affairs

Washington, DC. . . Using technology to bring its unique holdings to the public, the Presidential Libraries of the National Archives and Records Administration today announced its podcast series, "Presidential Archives Uncovered."

Based on the Presidential Timeline web site "Presidential Archives Uncovered" broadcasts audio clips from the Libraries' collection, ranging from serious policy discussions between the President and his advisors to conversations among Presidential family members. In one of the audio clips, for example, President and Mrs. Nixon discuss the pandas' arrival at the National Zoo in 1972, following the President's historic trip to the People's Republic of China earlier that year. A new clip will be added each month.

Audio is freely available on the Presidential Libraries' podcast web site and at iTunes.

"Presidential Archives Uncovered"
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