Thursday, August 09, 2007

Podcast how-to info

From: Pam Ingermanson
I am sorry to bug you but I need some help. I have an iPod and I am struggling to learn how to download podcasts and I want to download the ones from your website. I went to your website and it says that an alternative is to download from iTunes. I cannot find the podcasts at iTunes. Where do I find them? Thanks for your help!


Although you subsequently report that your husband found the podcast link, thank-you for this initial email. It’s a great lead-in for this blog entry explaining the process to potential listeners. As your husband discovered, it is easy to “pull in” the podcast entries so you can listen via an iPod.

  1. Download & install the free iTunes software at
  2. While connected to the internet, open the program, and click “iTunes Store” on the left menu bar.
  3. In the top right search box, type “DearMYRTLE”.
  4. You will find two listings, each labeled free. Click the “Subscribe” button for the newer podcasts if you want to

    · DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour (new server, newer podcasts)
    · DearMYRTLE’s Media (old server, no longer adding podcasts here)

    DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour will be added to your iTunes, with a list of the individual podcasts. The most recent podcasts will begin to download to your computer. You may have to click the tiny “get” button beside a podcast entry to activate the download. Note there is also a “get all” button, which can simplify the clicking for you.

    Later, whenever you plug your iPod into your computer, open iTunes, by default it will transfer the files to your iPod.

    NOTE: Ol' Myrt here has observed that if she deletes a podcast file from iTunes, it may also delete the file from her iPod, unless she is careful with the settings.

I just ran an experiment using iTunes and successfully copied a podcast from iTunes to my mp3 player. Open iTunes and find the podcast you wish to copy by clicking 1 time to select the item. Right-click on the selected podcast(s) and choose “copy” from the pop-up menu. Plug your .mp3 player into your computer. When viewing the folder for the contents of the player click “Edit” from the menu bar, and select “Paste”. One by one, the files will show up on your .mp3 player. I used my WS-331M Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (with .mp3 player capability) for this experiment.

Listener DougB81042 is correct that on some computers the “download” button on the new DearMYRTLE podcast site provided by my web server can act as a “play” button. Ol' Myrt can only edit the page’s text & layout, but does not have access to edit the function of buttons that automatically appear on the page when I upload a podcast. I hope that the work-arounds described above will help you, Doug.


MULTI-TASKING is the name of the game. Ol' Myrt agrees with DougB81042 who also wrote: “I just listened to the one hour broadcast with PAF Insight, which I use, and John from I enjoyed the interview and hope to listen to more but just chafe at the thought of having to sit still [at the computer] that long without doing something else also.”

Whether you listen to genealogy podcasts while jogging, doing yoga (yes, one listener reported this!) or each morning when deleting spam from your email box -- THANK-YOU, thank-you, thank-you for listening. Ideas for upcoming interviews and topics are greatly appreciated by yours truly.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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