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What’s on DearMYRTLE’s iPod?

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updated 18 Aug 2007


Yes, I, know Ol' Myrt swore she would never wear those ear-buds that came with her iPod. See WHY Myrt finally bought an iPod 15 Nov 2006. Nevertheless, Ol' Myrt has changed her mind – and she isn’t even running for president.

There are so many great podcasts about genealogy and family history, that I now listen to them during my once or twice daily walks around the neighborhood. Since I don’t want to carry around portable iPod speakers, I’ve had to actually resort to using ear buds since I want to continue to learn about family history research. I have to agree with DearMYRTLE listener DougB81042 that it helps to multi-task.

Ol' Myrt uses the free iTunes software to organize and automatically download the newest episodes of my favorite podcasts. All of these podcasts are available at no cost to listeners. YES! That gives us more money to spend on photocopies.

So for the fun of it, I thought I’d list the podcasts in DearMYRTLE’s 80 gigabyte audio/video iPod, by category and then alphabetical order.

· Anna-Karin's Genealogical Podcast - Swedish. Delightful background on traditions. I hope to meet her in person when I travel to Stockholm next summer.
· Irish Roots Café Genealogy Podcast , by Mike O’Laughlin of When I listened to his “White/Whyte” podcast today, I was intrigued by his invitation for folks to leave a voice message with comments or queries. I had given that up call-ins when I quit doing live internet radio streaming, but I think it is a good idea. A little more personal in a digital world. See also its sister podcast Missouri Irish History & Legend: Ireland to America.
· Waynesville Voices Hostess Karen Campbell from the Mary L. Cook Public Library takes listeners on tour. The most recent podcast interview features Dr. Spencer R. Crew of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.
· Nuestra Familia Unida - Coordinator Joseph Puentes has compiled a variety of audio interviews & recitations providing insight to “indigenous” history. Indigenous “as in Latina/Latino, Hispanic, Chicana/Chicano, Mexicana/Mexicano, and all other descriptors identifying the peoples of the America's and Western Hemisphere.”
· Under the tree - African American Feb 2006 – Aug 2007 with host Meredith C. Williams. She has an amazing collection, but in particular, I learned much from Episode 8: Slave auction process in Baltimore, MD and slave plantations in PG County, MD. The lengthy bibliography posted for each episode provides further study materials for interested researchers.
· US Holocaust Memoriam Museum’s Voices on Genocide Prevention with Jerry Flowler with links at Topics not limited to the Jewish WWII Holocaust, but include Darfur, China, Eastern Chad, and Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. These podcasts don’t properly load through though iTunes, so right-click on an episode to save it to my computer’s hard drive, and go from there.

· DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour - practical, down-to-earth advice for family historians featuring interviews with genealogy's leading authors, software producers, and web site managers, readers feedback and a weekly MightyMouse tour of great genealogy websites.
· Family History Minute – Enjoy nine episodes of Brian Mickelson’s thoughts about doing family history. Great ideas for looking at our ancestors through different eyes.
· Family Roots Radio Genealogy Hour – Season one is complete. Listen as Host Kory L. Meyerink masterfully interviews genealogy greats Paul Allen, Christine Rose, Tom Kemp, Martha McCartney, Megan Smolenyak, Dick Eastman, Leland Meitzler, Myra Gormley, Karen Clifford, Craig Scott, Kathleen Hinckley, Matt Helm and John Philip Colletta.
· Genealogy Gems – ideas including Episode 21 where you’ll find out about host Lisa Louise Cooke’s idea for creating a “Sweet Memories” candy bar wrapper. Never thought of THAT one before!
· Genealogy on Demand – Shamele Jordon does a great job: Don’t miss “Pedigree Analysis: Back to the Basics: Can you prove that your grandparents are really your grandparents?" I hope that more podcasts will be added to the mix. However, on their own, the existing collection of podcasts is noteworthy.
· The Genealogy Guys Podcast – George Morgan and Drew Smith have recently celebrated the release of their 100th podcast. Way to go!

· A Prairie Home Companion’s News from Lake Wobegon
· Ancient & Medieval History with Catherine Loomis
· American History before 1870 with Gretchen Ann Reilly
· American History Rules with Chuck Taft for his 8th Grade Am Hist class
· BBC History Magazine
· China & the Chinese – Henry Allen Giles (1845-1935) with David Barnes
· Great Moments in History with John G. Stockmyer
· History 132 (US since 1865) by David Hoogland Noon of Univ of Alaska Southeast spring semester 2007.
· History Hints with Larry Kreiger, A study guide for the AP history exam.
· HistoryPod with Alan Joyce
· LearnOutLoud’s Biography Podcast
· Military History Podcast with George Hageman
· Oxford University: Podcasts from Medieval English Lectures
· Sparkletack – The San Francisco History Podcast with host Richard Miller.
· Talking History – Although production ceased over a year ago, due to cutbacks in funding, the archive includes 2005 podcasts, 2006 podcasts. Notable podcasts included “Marriage: A history”, “The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin” and “Washington’s slaves”.
· The Biography Podcast – Stories of Life
· This Fortnightly podcast essays covering military history.


· NARA (US) "Presidential Archives Uncovered"
· National Archives (UK) – Of particular interest is Dave Annal’s “In the name of God, Amen: wills for family history” where I learned the difference between pre-1858 and post-1858 wills. I had to take in two extra blocks in my walk to finish learning from this detailed explanation.


· Classic Tales Podcast with BJ Harrison.
· Larry King Podcast
· Law of Attraction Tips – as mentioned on Oprah, with Karen Luniw.
· Learn to Meditate by the Meditation Society of Australia.
· NPR’s Classic Kids - From the Top - best young classic musicians in the country.
· NPR's Science Friday I particularly like how the interviews during the 2-hour podcast can be listened to individually, or combined as a complete podcast.
· NPR’s This I believe.
· NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me One of my favorites for “this week’s news in review” mental quizzes.
· You, the Owner’s Manual with Dr. Michael Roizen (often a guest on Oprah.)

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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