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Dodging Census II

From: Teresa Elliott
I'll trade
her. Looking for Susan Markam (all spellings) who may/may not have been married to a Blaylock (all spelling) who had two daughters. I have followed both daughters through the census with no problems, but Susan is only found on the 1880 census living in Wilson County, TN with her son-in-law, daughter, and her younger daughter, where Susan lists herself as
Single. She is 32. Her daughters are 14 and 4.

There is one other Markham in the area, Ben (Berry) who may have been related, but I haven't figured out how. He was NOT her father. I followed him back in time to DeKalb County, TN where a Mary Marcum lived who had a daughter named, Susan, but the ages don't match. That Susan disappears in 1870 and I can't find my Susan and her daughter who would have been 4 in
1870 either. I think it's probably that Susan left home when she got pregnant and is living in a household where she is indexed under the head of household's name. I have read the census page by page in DeKalb (where I think her mother was) and Wilson (where she ends up and have not found anyone who might match.)

I found a Susan Black living in Wilson County, TN in 1870, but the 4 year old daughter is missing. The man I think was the father of the youngest daughter is living with his wife and children in 1860. In 1880, the wife claims she is a widow, but I found the man (I think it's the same) who is living alone and claims he is married in the same county. I can't find him or his family in 1870. There was a man by the same name arrested for lewdness in Jun 1870 in the county. Am wondering if his wife kicked him out and then proclaimed herself a widow, despite the fact that he was alive and well.

I don't think this man is the father of both daughters, or that they were ever married, but both girls claimed that they were both Markhams and Blaylocks. I have no idea where the mother is buried. Of course there's still a lot I can do on this family in other records, but I doubt I will
ever find Susan Markam in the 1870 census. Thank goodness she was living with her daughter in 1880.

I have looked up Markham, Markum, Marcum, Markom, Marcom, Markhum, Markhom
Markem, Marcem, Blaylock, Bleylock, Blayluck, Bullock, Black, Baylock, Bayluck...
No such luck so far.


How about P instead of B? H or N instead of M?

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