Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family Tree Maker blog

Phenomenal! The Family Tree Maker genealogy software program now has a blog that has debuted this week at Ancestry. They’ve even provided a customer support telephone number. Good idea. This is a real first for this program. I hope they keep it up.

“Welcome to the new Family Tree Maker blog! As the Family Tree Maker Brand
Manager, I’m excited to now have a platform to communicate updates, improvements and information about our strategic direction to the community as quickly as possible. Of course I welcome comments and discussion. I would also like to make sure everyone knows about our Family Tree Maker
feedback form. We receive a regular report from this feedback form and although we can’t respond to every inquiry, we will respond periodically to the most frequently asked questions and comments via this Family Tree Maker blog.

Our Member Services agents are also available to receive customer support questions. They can be reached at 1-877-FTM-2008 (1-877-386-2008).”

Read the Welcome to the new Family Tree Maker blog! entry of 28 Sept 2007 posted by Benjamin Nettesheim, to make note of a few enhancements they are working on for mid-October delivery via online program update.

Happy family tree climbing!
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