Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feedback about radio interview

Thank-you for supporting last Saturday evening's live radio genealogy discussion between KGO810am San Francisco's host KAREL and yours truly, DearMYRTLE. During the show, our host commented on the surge in the number of internet listeners, and I noticed we didn't lack for callers. Thanks especially to Renee Zamora, Holly Hansen and Kim Savage for being on standby in a group chat room with real time suggestions for what Ol' Myrt here might say.

Ol' Myrt sees that interview as a another breakthrough -- for genealogy to be the topic of discussion during an entire hour on the talk radio station ranked #1 nationally these past 2 decades by Arbitron.

There was a brief opportunity to mention the Board for Certification of Genealogists and ICAPGen when KAREL asked if his listeners should consider hiring professional genealogists. I suggested that an experienced professional could either direct a client's research by providing a checklist of research goals, or undertake the completion of those goals for the client. In either case, a contract specifing the hours and costs would be set in place before work began. At the conclusion, a professional would provide a detailed research report, summary, copies of uncovered documents, genealogy charts and suggestions for additional research.

Thanks also to the callers whose questions ranged from software, Masonic membership records, Oklahoma Native Americans, and the Mexico death of a grandfather with San Francisco roots. KAREL himself posed questions about how to begin when it seems all is lost. He specifically asked for help on his ancestral journey. Renee asked about switching to RootsMagic, and Mike Sullivan called in to ask how one might involve the community in preservation of old courthouse records.

Thanks to the 23 readers who submitted questions via email during the live broadcast, and the 12 of you who wrote afterwards saying you enjoyed the interview.

I have been doing research on how KAREL can start computerizing his genealogy, so that we BOTH can look at it from time to time. He has a Mac, and I have this Vista PC, but we both have access to the internet. So I am considering online family charting software, wikis and the like.

As we make progress in climbing KAREL's family tree, he has agreed to be a guest on my podcast, and it is possible we may have a follow-up interview on KGO.

THANKS AGAIN for your support. Each time we talk about ancestors, the idea of doing research is that much easier for newbies to consider. Discussion provides hope for those facing genealogical brick walls.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

(c) 2007 Pat Richley All Rights Reserved.

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