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Jamboree, naturalizations in newspapers & RootsTelevision

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Ol' Myrt here was “talking via email” with Tom Kemp from last night. Seems we're both going to be presenting at next Saturday's Northern Utah Genealogy and Family Heritage Jamboree sponsored jointly by and the Ogden Regional Family History Center. Tom will also be at the “Q & A booth” I am sponsoring in the exhibit hall, where various experts will field questions in an open-style format.

So here is some of the genealogy-related news from Tom's neck of the woods:

Tom was interviewed for Roots Television while at the FGS Conference - thought you might want to see it. Just click at:

SATURDAY 8th Sept 2007 – PROVO, UTAH
Tom will be speaking Saturday to the Utah Valley PAF User's Group in Provo, UT, as another genealogy blogger Renee Zamora was noted. She will be delighted with the cool things GenealogyBank has to offer to researchers. For directions to the meeting see: .

This week's examples are to remind genealogists that they can find info about the naturalization of their ancestor's in newspapers.

Let's say that you know that your great grandfather was naturalized but can not seem to find out where it happened to locate the records. In sifting through old newspapers Tom has found that there are a lot of articles about people being naturalized. Articles that give the details we are looking for. These articles are so common that they could be just what you need to know – giving the when and where your great grandfather was naturalized.

To illustrate the point Tom has put a few examples up at: These articles were taken from huge newspaper collection Tom is always telling us about at

  • Large Class to be Naturalized – Aliens From Fourteen Nations Will Get Final Citizenship Papers Here Tuesday" – reads the headline of the 28 August 1922 Ft. Wayne (IN) News Sentinel. The article then goes on in detail to name all 43 future citizens and the countries that they came from. Great stuff.

  • 5 May 1881 Dallas (TX) Weekly Herald, "A Woman Naturalized" and is about Mrs. Collette Vandenbasch, widow of the late G. J. Vandenbasch. According to the article her husband had started the naturalization process on 6 August 1860 by filing his papers with the Dallas County Clerk. He died in 1868. They were citizens of Belgium and when he died, he left "considerable" property there. It was not for another 13 years that Mrs. Collette Vandenbasch was able to complete the process started by her late husband and become a citizen of the U.S.

Tom is right when he says “You never know what you will find in these old newspapers.” To see a few original articles giving the names and details of individuals being naturalized see:

11:30 AM – Cedar Room – (with Thomas Jay Kemp) Learn how to document the daily life of your ancestors found in four centuries of fragile, rare newspapers, books and documents. See how you can click and read articles about your ancestors, obituaries & marriage notices; military reports and even the sermons preached at their funerals! History comes alive as you climb beyond the names and dates on your family tree to the recorded details of their lives.

Happy family tree climbing!
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