Thursday, September 06, 2007

READERS’ FEEDBACK: Photo ID, Census & FTM 2008


RE: DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour 28 Aug 2007 genealogy podcast. Thanks to Al for the addition of three more programs to our discussion on embedding information directly in photographs. It should be noted that IrfanView, Pixvue, and Google’s Picasa. are not currently available for Mac OS, which is the system the footnoteMaven uses. However, iPhoto is free with every Mac.

It is the idea of adding information to a photograph that was encouraged rather than any particular product. We discussed Elements, Photoshop and Bridge because that is what I am familiar with. Myrt added the program she uses, Corel’s Paint Shop Pro. I encourage everyone to experiment with whatever program they use to determine if it has the organizational capabilities we discussed.

Attaching a bibliographic entry to a photograph is one of the things the footnoteMaven finds most valuable.

From: Gary

RE: Dodging the Census - Kaspar research, in addition to the 1930 record found by Caroline Shultz on the Karl Julius KASPAR family, note the following, also:
  • 1900 – NY, New York Co, Borough of Bronx, New York City, E D 994 sheet 18a - listed as Chas & Matilda Caspar with children Julius and Emma
  • 1910 – KY, Boyd Co, Magisterial District #5, Ashland city, E D 25 sheet 9b - listed as Carl & Matilda P Kasper with children Julius, Emma and twins, Theodore & Henry

These entries were found fairly quickly using the Soundex search option at for both "Kaspar" and "Caspar". I suspect EAKaspar may have been too specific in her search criteria. By broadening the search to all Kaspars within the area of interest, the variant first name spellings were easily identified.

FTM 2008
Have you heard about all the fuss over the new version of Family Tree Maker 2008? The genealogy report along with several other reports and charts are no longer in the FTM. The books now have to be sent to Ancestry Press instead of us printing our book on our own. Here, I will just give you a taste of what a lot of folks are saying.

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