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Founder of the Archive CD Books Project retires

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Rod Neep, Founder of the Archive CD Books Project, Retires
International digitizing project continues through other partner companies

The International Archive CD Books Project
-- 1 October 2007 --
Effective immediately, Rod Neep, the founder of the Archive CD Books project, is retiring and closing the doors of "Archive CD Books, Ltd.," the British partner company in the international digitization project. The remaining partner companies in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United States carry on with the project, however, and will continue to add to the project's large inventory of digital reproductions of old and rare books that are of interest to family historians.

Mr. Neep started the Archive CD Books Project in 2000 as a result of recognizing a need to make certain old and rare documents more readily available to genealogy researchers and family historians. The growth of his business was explosive and within three years he had made more than 1,500 valuable titles available through his company web site. At about the same time, he was instrumental in setting up two new independent partner companies in Australia and Canada. Since then he has added two more companies in the USA and Ireland. Thus the International Archive CD Books Project took shape and continues to develop its inventory of valuable reproductions.

As always, each of the partner companies will continue to provide access to the Archive CD Books international inventory through its own web site while focusing on the digitization of additional works that were originally published in the local country. Each remaining partner company also has plans to make digital reproductions of some material that was originally published in Great Britain, continuing the good work of the project's founder.

Rod Neep said "I am really happy that the concept of the Archive CD Books project will be continuing in the safe hands of the international partners, and I wish them all the best of success in the future".

"We wish Rod every happiness and success as he moves on to take up new interests, many of which we understand will involve a golf course," said a spokesman for the other partner companies. "We are already in the process of making sure that Rod's customers will be looked after and we have plans for some exciting announcements in the near future," he said.

The principals in the remaining partner companies are Alan & Stephen Phillips (Australia), Chris and Malcolm Moody (Canada), Brian Donovan (Ireland), and Bob Velke (USA).

About the Project
The Archive CD Books Project exists to make digital reproductions of old books and other materials available to the public, to donate original publications to libraries and other institutions, and to cooperate with these repositories to preserve their existing collections for future generations.

Archive CD Books Australia - www.ArchiveCDBooks.com.au
Archive CD Books Canada - www.ArchiveCDBooks.ca
Archive CD Books Ireland - www.ArchiveCDBooks.ie
Archive CD Books USA - www.ArchiveCDBooksUSA.com

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