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Legacy Genealogy Cruise 2008 to feature DearMYRTLE

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: The following was just posted by our friends at Legacy Family Tree. Inquiries should be addressed to Needless to say Ol' Myrt is very happy to be participating in this event.

The 2008 Legacy Genealogy Cruise to Europe will feature one of genealogy's favorites - DearMYRTLE! The 5th Annual Legacy Genealogy Cruise, held July 16-28, 2008, will leave Dover, England and will sail to Copenhagen, Denmark; Berlin, Germany; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; Stockholm, Sweden; and back to Dover.

Genealogy Classes at Sea
DearMYRTLE will join the Legacy Family Tree experts to present our best offerings of classes we have ever had. In addition to classes on using Legacy, Myrt has a lineup of classes on genealogy technology to enrich genealogists of all expertise. Here are the scheduled classes:
  • Foundation for Success: Timelines. Learn how to research more effectively by building and analyzing your ancestor’s timeline. This class will teach how to easily create a timeline, analyze it for missing clues, automatically embed historical events, and use other tools and software to gain other perspectives of the family’s information.
  • Finding the right records to search. (DearMYRTLE, instructor). Genealogy researchers are most likely familiar with the court system and vital records offices in their own localities, but rules vary from place to place. Diversity among record collections is further complicated by the passage of time, the requirements of the governing body and definitions of words at the time the record was created.
  • Getting it right the first time: guide to proper data entry methods. Learn the golden rules of data entry including consistency techniques for entering names, dates, and locations.
  • Legacy: Just for Beginners. Learn the very basics of using Legacy for your genealogy. Learn how Legacy can help guide your research. Questions/answers.
  • Citing Sources: Leave a big audit trail. (DearMYRTLE, instructor). DearMYRTLE explores critical thinking processes when citing sources of information that may or may not provide evidence to prove lineage assumptions.
  • Sources made simple, standard, and powerful using Legacy 7's new SourceWriter. Learn how to easily enter your sources using industry standards. No expertise required.
  • Blogs & Podcasts. (DearMYRTLE, instructor). Visit with DearMYRTLE to discover how genealogists may to use these new communication tools for obtaining how-to info, preserving family history, or documenting society events.
  • Reporting w/Legacy: Sharing Info Electronically. Learn how to create, share, and even publish your information via email, CD/DVD, and the Internet.
  • Picturing your Legacy: a guide to using and organizing photos. Learn the “before-digitizing-your-pictures” rules, the ins/outs to using pictures in Legacy, and organizing your digital photo collections.
  • Powerful searching and tagging techniques. Learn how to quickly and easily find and retrieve anything in your family file.
  • Finding digital items in the Family History Library Catalog (DearMYRTLE, instructor). You’ve read about plans to scan & index nearly 3 million rolls of microfilm from the Family History Library, including records from over 80 countries throughout the world. DearMYRTLE explains how to access digital & microfilm records using the online FHLCatalog.
  • Potpourri - Q/A with the Legacy developers. This is your chance to “interrogate” the Legacy development team.

About DearMYRTLE
DearMYRTLE is the nom de plume of Pat Richley, a retired computer software instructor from Manatee Technical Institute, grandmother of six. Since 1995 Myrt has been writing a daily genealogy column first for AOL’s Genealogy Forum and now on the net at Her blog is Myrt’s first experience with web2 publishing. She is the author of DearMYRTLE’s Joy of Genealogy (2006) and The Everything Online Genealogy Book (2000), and hostess of DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour genealogy podcasts, interviewing genealogy researchers, webmasters, database managers and software designers.

The Cruise
Discover the lands of kings and tsars all the way up to the Vikings. An area rich in folklore and fairy tales, you'll be transported back to the time of the original oceangoing explorers. Naturally, there are ancient cities, castles, museums and cobblestone streets at every turn. But, to the trained eye, that patisserie on the corner is to die for. And the boutiques down the street are waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy exclusive Freestyle Cruising; it's about dining your way. Norwegian Jewel has 12 restaurants on board. So take your pick, you could dine in a different restaurant every night of your cruise. Just let your palate be your guide.

The Ship
Norwegian Jewel sparkles with her exclusive Garden and Courtyard Villas - the biggest, most luxurious suites ever to hit the high seas. And that's just the beginning. Norwegian Jewel is like a giant, floating luxury resort with swimming pools, hot tubs, a health spa, casino, plus tons of other things to you can choose from to customize your vacation. And since we herald your indecisiveness, check out our 12 different restaurants, 24-hour room service or one of the 11 bars and lounges. You make the rules, ensuring you cruise the Baltic like a king.

To reserve a cabin on the Legacy Genealogy Cruise 2008, call Christy of Travelworks International at 1-888-505-6997 or email her at Or book securely at

More Information
For class descriptions, frequently asked questions, descriptions of the cities we'll visit, or pictures of our past cruises, visit

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