Friday, November 30, 2007

Reporting findings & NON-findings

Ol' Myrt was given a research assignment by her good friend Barb. It is a matter of locating the will of one Isaac Moore who married Nancy Wyatt to prove relationship to their son Hamilton/Hamp Moore. She previously had a copy of the will, and figures she lost it when making an additional copy at Office Depot a few years back. Now she needs this will as part of her application for a lineage society membership. To save my DearREADERS time and eyesight, suffice it to say that Barb submitted birth years & places for each of the members of her 2nd great-grandfather Isaac & Nancy (Wyatt) Moore’s family. She surmised Isaac’s death to be after the 1850 census, since he is not found in the 1860 census.

I followed Barb’s instructions, and looked at items, step-by-step and then reported my findings that very afternoon via email, as follows:

Dear Barb,
I've spent the afternoon at the FHL looking for your Isaac Moore's will. I thought I had him, but found instead info on a younger Isaac Moore who happened to die intestate in 1855 in Coweta County. As I worked through all the letters of administration, and annual returns, I kept seeing the name "Sarah Ann Moore" without any mention of your known Isaac Moore’s spouse or children. So, I looked Isaac & Sarah up in the 1850 census, and found them listed in 19th Division, Coweta County, Georgia Census at image 60, page 313 left side. He is 38, she 36, and children in the household include Nancy 8, Will 13, Newman 10, Griffin 6, Frank 4 and Wm 2. So this doesn't look at all like your Isaac Moore with wife Nancy,

Here's what else I've done today:

birth date 1750 in Delaware. listed in the AGBI American Genealogical-Biographical Index, Volume 120 page 21. Revolutionary War. (I did not look in the book form of AGBI, but found the reference at That AGBI books are not part of the FHL collection.
Call the folks at, the compiler of the AGBI, to have them photocopy the entry AND the referenced sources.

DID NOT FIND ISAAC MOORE or NANCY MOORE in the following records:

  • Fayette County, Alabama Marriage & Probate Records compiled by Betty C. Wiltshire 976.187 V2w FHL US/Can Book.
  • Fayette County, Alabama index to wills & estate records compiled by Herbert M. Newell & Jeanie P. Newell 976.187 P22n FHL US/Can Book.
  • Fayette County, Georgia Wills 1828-1953 (Georgia Court of Ordinary) from Fayette County, Georgia. FHL film 209388.
  • Henry County, Wills & Bonds 1826-1952 (Georgia Court of Ordinary) from courthouse in McDonough. FHL film 175298. Did find the original will, already in your possession, of Isaac more whose wife was Frankey on page 68, stating that the estate would "be equally divided with my seven children, Jacob Moore, John Moore, Joshua Moore, Isaac Moore, William Moore, James Moore, Eli Moore."
  • Clayton County, Wills 1858-1919 (Georgia Court of Ordinary) from the courthouse at Jonesboro, GA (Isn't that the place with the splotchy painted library!?? :) ) FHL US/Can Film 229449.
  • Spalding County, Probate & Guardianship records (Georgia Court of Ordinary) FHL US/Can Film 455626. Did find Henry Moor will on page 123 & 124.

I am slowly working through the list of possible locations you mentioned in your email for his will, and have yet to look at films for:

  • Carroll, Meriwether, Fulton and Butts counties in Georgia
  • Randolph and Chambers counties in Alabama

You will note I looked in Fayette County, Alabama by mistake, before I realized it should be Fayette County, Georgia.

This is my initial report.
(cell phone number)

So DearREADERS, you will note that this brief communication between experienced researchers does not include full citations for each item searched. However, this is an initial, not a final report and the items listed could easily be revisited based on the identifying information provided. And it will save my friend Barb from having to look at those items – clearly an unnecessary duplication of effort.

This is the sort of citation that should appear in our research notes for each ancestor, so that we don’t make the mistake of ordering the same microfilm again and again, only to discover AGAIN that we could not find our ancestor among the pages.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

(c) 2007 Pat Richley All Rights Reserved.

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