Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SLC - Genealogy Mecca

Well, Ol' Myrt here has arrived safely in Salt Lake City – GENEALOGY MECCA.

About three hours ago, I hooked up my computer.

NOW TO GO THROUGH THE BACKLOG of old email and catch up on RSS feeds. An interesting thread on the Genealogical Speakers Guild www.genealogicalspeakersguild.org mailing list concerns whether local societies should purchase computer projectors to enhance meetings. I still think it is best for the presenter to bring his own laptop & projector, because there are always incompatibility issues that force time delays – something best avoided in jam-packed society meetings.

THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORTIVE EMAILS. I must confess, Ol' Myrt here hasn’t been much up to writing, because everything written turns out syrupy and melancholy, due to the challenges of losing both parents within 9 months of each other. However, I am determined to make progress. I look around at people who are older, and realize their parents have passed, and yet life goes on for them. I guess Ol' Myrt will figure this out somehow.

GRANDCHILDREN are my saving grace. How delightful to spend time with these gentle, but very active little personages.

ONE GREAT THING is that Ol' Myrt here will be going to the Family History Library on a regular (almost daily) basis, so at the very least, upcoming columns can be commentaries about documents and research challenges.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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