Tuesday, December 11, 2007

His father died 10 months prior to birth – its possible

As if Bill Dollarhide hasn’t been busy enough compiling his US census substitutes series mentioned in Ol' Myrt’s blog over the weekend, now he has published a solution to a problem we run into with early American ancestry.
Bill writes “… if you have evidence that a man had died 10 months before a certain child was born, it would seem to exclude that man as the father of that child. But, if the calendar dates changed during the man's lifetime, you must be very precise in determining the exact date of death--and he may qualify as the father after all. Therefore, an understanding of the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar is important to genealogists.”

Be sure to read the article The 1752 Calendar Change in North America by William Dollarhide. Once the page opens, scroll down about ½ way through the 11 Dec 2007 issue of the Genealogy Pointers Newsletter from our friends at GPC Genealogical Publishing to read Bill’s comments about:
  • 1582 changes
  • George Washington’s real birthday
  • 1752 change
  • Double dating
  • Exceptions in North America
  • Quaker dates (these are really challenging!)

BRAVO to Bill for this concise calendar change explanation, helping genealogists overcome the challenge of deciphering cryptically-worded dates in Colonial American documents.

And BRAVO to GPC for providing relevant how-to info and independent product reviews in the Genealogy Pointers newsletter, in addition to detailed descriptions of book and CD offerings. Sure GPC wants you to visit their site, but honestly, there’s great stuff in each issue! If you’d like to receive an email copy of GPC's weekly, see Subscribe to Genealogy Pointers. To read previous issues, see the Genealogy Pointers Archives.

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