Sunday, December 30, 2007

What I did for Christmas vacation

You mean, Ol' Myrt here did something BESIDES genealogy during the past 14 days? Yes, I hiked in 3 feet of snow at Temple Rock Quarry with my eldest grandson Tracen, attended my daughter's Sandy City Orchestra Christmas Concert, frosted sugar cookies with Braden & Aubrey, attended church with both sets of grandchildren, got my youngest grandson to giggle even before I reach out to tickle him, played “Guitar Hero” on the X-box with my grandson TJ, played “cars” with grandson Tannon, got the Envoy some new tires for all of this Utah SNOW, and printed 20 color-laser copies of the official 2008 family calendar with birthdays and anniversaries.

Ok, the calendar making IS a genealogy project.

Genealogically-speaking, I did a lot of work on the syllabus for’s upcoming Family History Expo which is scheduled for the 8-9 February 2008 at the Dixie Center; 1835 Convention Center Drive; St. George, Utah. DearMYRTLE be sponsoring a Q & A Booth, with visiting guest speakers from among the Expo’s presenters. Attendees will be able to choose from the following classes on FRIDAY the 8th. There is an equally useful and varied lineup for Saturday the 9th. Find out more and pre-register by visiting
  • 08:00 AM #1 KEYNOTE: Pirates of the Pedigree with Beau Sharbrough from
  • 10:00 AM #9 PAF Insight, Family Insight, and the New FamilySearch with John Vilburn
  • 10:00 AM #8 PAF Users Love Ancestral Quest and the New FamilySearch with Gaylon Findlay
  • 10:00 AM #7 Finding and Using On-line Published Family Histories at the Harold B. Lee Library with Jessica Pears
  • 10:00 AM #6 The Godfrey Scholar Program for Family History Center Users with Richard Black
  • 10:00 AM #5 Now That You've Found Them . . . Go Visit with Dale Bartlett
  • 10:00 AM #4 The New FamilySearch and Its Family Tree with Timothy G. Cross
  • 10:00 AM #3 HOW to find out WHERE to look with DearMYRTLE
  • 10:00 AM #2 Innovative Family Tools to Connect Families with David Lifferth
  • 11:30 AM #10 New to Research? How to Use Your 24/7 Personal Research Assistant with Geoff Rasmussen
  • 11:30 AM #11 Trace Your Roots with DNA with Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak
  • 11:30 AM #18 Using New FamilySearch with RootsMagic 4 with Bruce Buzbee
  • 11:30 AM #17 Using Charting Companion to Make Your Family Tree Data More Interesting with Dennis Meldrum, MLS
  • 11:30 AM #16 City Directories - More Than Just a Phone Book with Mindi Stevens
  • 11:30 AM #15 Genealogy on Wheels: Doing Family History Research in an RV with Jean Wilcox Hibben, MA, CG
  • 11:30 AM #14 Why Property Records Are Important in Tracing Hard-to-Find Ancestors with Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D.
  • 11:30 AM #12 Researching Our Nation's Records with DearMYRTLE
  • 11:30 AM #13 Bringing LDS Ancestors to Life: Little-known Sources at the LDS Church History Library with Jay Burrup
  • 12:40 PM #19 with David Lifferth
  • 01:30 PM #27 Personal Historian: Bringing Life to Your Life Stories with Michael Booth
  • 01:30 PM #26 What's New in Legacy Family Tree v7? with Geoff Rasmussen
  • 01:30 PM #25 Italian Research for Beginners with Paola Manfredi, AG
  • 01:30 PM #24 Locating Record Keeping Jurisdictions: Effective Use of Scandinavian Gazetteers & Maps with Ruth Ellen Maness, AG
  • 01:30 PM #23 Why Bounty Land Records are Essential for Early Virginia Research with Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D.
  • 01:30 PM #22 The FamilySearch Research Wiki with Jim Greene
  • 01:30 PM #21 German Research on the Internet with Baerbel K. Johnson, AG
  • 01:30 PM #20 Tracking Your Ancestors on the Internet: Maps & Gazetteers with Kathryn Lake Hogan, UE, BA
  • 02:40 PM #28 Source Writer: Entering Sources Easily with Geoff Rasmussen
  • 03:00 PM #34 Reading Italian Civil Registration Records with Paola Manfredi, AG
  • 03:00 PM #35 Help!! There's a Hispanic in my Family History Center (or Ward) who needs Help with Jonathan Walker
  • 03:00 PM #36 Mapping Your Family History with Family Atlas with Bruce Buzbee
  • 03:00 PM #33 The Chicken Walked Here: Principles & Procedures For Learning to Read Germanic & Scandinavian Gothic Script with Ruth Ellen Maness, AG
  • 03:00 PM #32 The Power of DNA: Discovering Lost and Hidden Relationships with Anna Swayne
  • 03:00 PM #31 Researching Your Revolutionary War Ancestor with Craig Roberts Scott, MA, CG
  • 03:00 PM #30 Using German Church Records with Baerbel K. Johnson, AG
  • 03:00 PM #29 Digital Photography for the Genealogist with Barry J. Ewell
  • 04:10 PM #37 We're Related with Jason McGowan
  • 04:30 PM #45 PAF Insight, Family Insight, and the New FamilySearch with John Vilburn
  • 04:30 PM #44 Google: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems with Lisa L. Cooke
  • 04:30 PM #43 Women Without Shadows: Gone Without a Trace with Betty Lou Malesky
  • 04:30 PM #42 The Witness with Leland K. Meitzler
  • 04:30 PM #41 New England States Research with Kip Sperry
  • 04:30 PM #40 FamilySearch Indexing: The Next Revolution in Providing Access to Records with Stephen J. Valentine
  • 04:30 PM #39 How Genealogy Charts Can Help Your Research with Janet Hovorka, BA
  • 04:30 PM #38 I Found His Will! Now What? Developing a Research Plan with Stefani Evans, CG
  • 06:30 PM BANQUET (#101)"Come Away With Me": Time Travel Set to Music with Jean Wilcox Hibben, MA, CG

During December, Ol' Myrt here has also been reading and reviewing some new and old genealogy books. The next few blog entries will feature my discoveries.

We also observed the 1 year anniversary of the death of our mom (& step-mom). A tender time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, researchers.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

(c) 2007 Pat Richley All Rights Reserved.

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