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BEST of the Internet for Genealogists 27 Jan 2008

"And the winner is..."

Well, with the award season coming up for Hollywood, Ol' Myrt here has decided to resurrect a old feature of her column's Sunday postings -- namely DearMYRTLE's BEST OF THE INTERNET FOR GENEALOGISTS AWARD. I think I'll redo the logo, since it was designed in 1995. Once I get to my home computer, I'll whip out the new logo, and send it along to this week's winners.

When I was first began giving out these awards there were no such things as podcasts or internet videos. We were just happy that we could finally share email with people who were on other service providers. (They weren't called ISPs yet!) Amazing how technology has facilitated exchange of genealogy information.

Please note that this week's award winners may have published the spotlighted content earlier, it is just that this week Ol' Myrt here stumbled across them and wishes to honor excellent work.

The BEST of the Internet for Genealogists (27 Jan 2008) awards go to:

1. BLOG: Brave Stephen K. Danko's "Goodbye to the Family Home" where he and his siblings found "Kodak’s Brownie Hawkeye Camera", "Towels in the Attic" & his mother's Polish Catechism for the Catholic Parochial Schools of the United States. Many of us have had to face closing up the family home one last time. Steve had the courage to document parquet floors and the radiator where they hung their Christmas stockings.

2. INSTRUCTION: Informative BYU/PBS Ancestors Series #211's Probate Records hosted by Scott Wilson on 24 minutes.

3. DATABASE SITE:'s 1880 US Federal Census Index. Expertly indexed using a double blind data entry method predating the revolutionary FamilySearchIndexing project. Includes links to's scanned images and references to both National Archives & Family History Library film numbers.

4. SCANNED IMAGE SITE:'s Pennsylvania Archives from the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. The Pennsylvania State Archives published 10 series of historical records in 135 volumes, covering the initial colonial settlement through the Civil War. 95% complete. NOTE from Footnote: "Don't confuse the Pennsylvania Archives, included here on the Footnote site, with the repository in Harrisburg where official colonial and state records are kept. These are the published Pennsylvania Archives, a well-known collection of early government records printed by the Commonwealth and relied upon by scholars, genealogists, and historians for valuable historical information for over a century."

5: PODCAST: Thoughtful Shamele Jordon's "Pedigree Analysis: Back to the Basics" Genealogy On Demand Podcast, 26 Feb 2007.

6. VIDEO: Zany Lisa Louise Cooke's Socks to America This documentary spoof chronicles the immigration of the fictitious "Sockish" people (aka Sock Puppets). Quotes from Mrs. Gertrude Kneehigh, and others who describe the voyage to the new world was lonesome because "no one seemed to speak sock." 2007.

7: COMMENTARY: "Finding living relatives" 40th edition Carnival of Genealogy, compiled & hosted by one very talented Jasia of Creative Gene. 2008.

8. INNOVATION: Everyman's practical genealogist Geoff Rasmussen's "Get More Done With Two Monitors" from the Legacy News blog, 2008. The technology has been around for years, but I don't recall any genealogists writing about it. There is a link for figuring out how to set this up. Ol' Myrt has discovered her own 22" monitor isn't big enough, so this is something I plan to do, using my old 19 inch monitor for my email & IM screen.

9. MOST INTERESTING THREAD: Always up on the news Dick Hillenbrand's "Wife of Google co-founder wants to test DNA of 98 per cent of the World!", 2008. While this was reported elsewhere, I appreciate the comment from a lineage society member who worries about disqualifying members based on DNA.

If you have suggestions for winning genealogy content be sure to drop me a line. After all, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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