Monday, January 14, 2008

Early Palatine immigrant DNA Project

Those of us with early Palatine immigrant ancestors will be interested in a new DNA project. Fortunately Dick Hillenbrand made a posting about it this morning on the APG Mailing List. Those of us Conrad WEISER descendants should consider participating.

Palatine DNA Project: Welcome to All Direct Descendants of 1708-1710 Palatine Emigrants
The Group Administrator: Doris Wheeler
and the Group Co-Administrator: Terry Barton
Family Tree DNA is providing technical support.

The announcement page explains:
"If you are a direct descendant of a Palatine emigrant in either the paternal line (son to father to father to... father emigrant) or the maternal line (daughter or son to mother to mother to... mother emigrant), you are invited to order a DNA test (Y-DNA test for males and/or mtDNA test for males and females) through this project at reduced prices from Family Tree DNA.

If you have already tested with National Geographic/Genographic, it is a simple matter to add your results to FTDNA for free. If you have already tested with FTDNA, you may simply go to your personal page at FTDNA and click on the blue JOIN button (top of left column). Scroll down to Dual Geographical Projects and look for Palatine. Click on it, and you will be a member of this project. If you have tested with another company, please contact me and I will explain your options."
Now this is a DNA project Ol' Myrt can get into.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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