Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nation's First House-call, Photo-scanning Service

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Memeria Launches the Nation's First House-call, Photo-scanning Service

Uses commercial scanners to scan over 1000 pictures per hour

SEATTLE, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Memeria, Incorporated, has launched the nation's first house-call, photo-scanning service. Memeria's imaging specialists use high-powered scanners in customers' homes to digitize physical photos at a rate of over 1000 photos per hour.

Customers receive digitized photos on a photo DVD as well as a complimentary photo box for storing the physical photos. The service is priced at $.25 per scanned photo, with minimum orders ranging from $50 to $200, depending on the customer's location. The service currently serves the Seattle Metropolitan area, but plans to expand rapidly.

"There are generations of memories to share if we could just get our old photos out of the attic and alongside our digital pictures," said Anthony Miller, President of Memeria. "Sending imaging specialists to homes frees up customers from the tedious, but important, task of scanning their own photos. Also, with high-volume scanners, imaging specialists typically finish most jobs within 1-2 hours, replacing what would be weeks of scanning using household scanners. This gives people more time to work on their scrapbooks and genealogy instead of scanning."

"Some of our family pictures are over 100 years old," said Jann Schosboek, a genealogy enthusiast and recent Memeria customer from Kenmore, WA. "I couldn't imagine sending the pictures out of our home for scanning."

About Memeria
Memeria, Incorporated (http://www.memeria.com/) is a provider of services that conveniently convert pre-digital-era assets to digital ones so that they can be shared easier, organized better, and preserved longer. The company is a pioneer in delivering house-call, photo-digitizing services to scrapbook, genealogy, and digital photo enthusiasts.

Source: Memeria, Incorporated

Anthony Miller
Memeria, Incorporated,

Web site: www.memeria.com

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