Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WVR changes name to FamilyLink.com, Inc.

Without Dick Eastman’s inside scoop World Vital Records, Inc. Changes Name To FamilyLink.com, Inc. Ol’ Myrt here would not know about this change, since neither the WVR or the FL website, have posted the news as of this writing. It hasn't been announced in the WVL blog yet, either. Fortunately, Dick has some other connection and got the notice, so he wrote:
“The following announcement was written by FamilyLink.com, Inc.:

PROVO, UT, January 14, 2008 – A new year brings a new name to the world's fastest growing genealogical and family history corporation, World Vital Records, Inc. World Vital Records, Inc. has changed its name to FamilyLink.com, Inc., a name which better reflects the company's mission of connecting families to one another through innovative online tools. […]”

To read the rest of Dick’s posting see his website. Better yet, subscribe to his newsletter at: www.eogn.com . Dick obviously knows what’s going on in the world of genealogy today.

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