Thursday, February 21, 2008

Imorial Advanced Social Networking Site Helps Bereaved

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Imorial Advanced Social Networking Site Helps Bereaved With Free Online Memorials

Feb 25, 2008 08:00 ET
MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the best ways of dealing with grief is to try and share the memories surrounding a lost loved one. And thanks to Imorial, the process of sharing these memories can be done conveniently through a free online memorial.

"Our website is not about death, it's about life. It's about appreciating the beautiful gift of being alive and taking the time to remember those who are no longer with us, and those that are," notes Benjamin Goldhammer of Cinnic Interactive, the company responsible for bringing Imorial into being.

The style of the online memorial will depend on the person who is designing it, as there are no limits to what can be posted on them. Graphically, family members can choose from several pre-designed themes for their memorial or they can get Imorial to design customized themes for them.

In addition, the memorials can contain videos, photographs, slide shows and an area where visitors can post messages of condolences. Family members can also include a tribute page where visitors can send virtual tokens of affection such as a lighted candle, flowers, stones or a heart. To access these memorials, family members receive their own unique website address.

Imorial also allows another way the bereaved can assuage their grief; networking with other bereaving individuals. The site allows members to create their own groups, which are simply message boards discussing various topics. Members can also meet people by visiting other online memorials that have been posted. In fact, there is even an area within a member's account that will allow them to see how many people have visited their memorial as well.

Since Imorial has launched three months ago, it has seen tremendous growth. Currently, there are 562 memorials, 2, 357 tributes and 1,492 members. And, for individuals that would like to chat with other members online, even during the early AM hours of the night, there are hundreds of visitors participating in groups or posting memorials.

In the near future, Imorial will expand its services by incorporating family trees within the memorials. With family trees the whole history of a person can be remembered by both their descendants and anyone else on the Internet. Such a feature will offer an excellent tool for future generations looking into their genealogy.

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