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Syllabus materials for MAF Family History Expos

From: Suzanne
I am wondering if it is possible to buy the CD of the MyAncestorsFound Family History Expo at St. George. We live too far away to attend and would like to obtain one if possible. Thanks for your attention to my request.

Indeed, syllabus materials from previous MyAncestorsFound (MAF) Family History Expos (and Jamborees) are available for purchase through their website . MAF President Holly Hansen said it best when suggesting we consider this syllabus a genealogical course manual to use throughout the coming year until we gather again for the next Expo.

If you'd like to view video reports from the St. George Expo, find links in Ol' Myrt's blog entry titled Video from St. George Expo.

For those able to attend the 1-day event in Logan, Utah 22 March 2008, see the registration page and note the following line-up of classes:
  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Bringing Families together with FamilySearch - Timothy G. Cross
  • Preserving Oral Histories Digitally - Mary Lynn Sharpe
  • How to Interest Your Family in Family History - Janet Hovorka, BA
  • New Ways to Enhance, Study and Share Your Family History - Marlo E. Schuldt
  • Welsh Censuses - Marianne Crump
  • Ready, Set, G.O.! - Janene S. Morgan
  • Simplify Your Research - Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D.
  • FamilySearch Indexing: The Next Revolution in Providing Access to Records - Stephen J. Valentine
  • Genealogy Teachers and Family History Consultants Learn to use PowerPoint to Teach - Holly T. Hansen
  • Using New FamilySearch with RootsMagic 4 - Bruce Buzbee
  • The FamilySearch Research Wiki - Jim Greene, FamilySearch Product Manager
  • Rounding up English and Welsh Cousins - Blaine Crump
  • Where to look next - DearMYRTLE
  • Creating an Extensive Family History Doing "Whole Family" Research in United States Records (Part 1) - Jeanette K. B. Daniels, BS
  • New FamilySearch - Bryce Rober
  • Personal Historian: Bringing Life to Your Life Stories - Michael Booth
  • Where Do I Start? 3 Easy Steps - Paul Larsen
  • Historical Context - Baerbel K. Johnson, AG
  • The Power of DNA: Discovering Lost and Hidden Relationships - Melissa Phillips
  • Scotland the Brave! (Scotland research on the Internet) - Barbara Baker
  • Creating an Extensive Family History Doing "Whole Family" Research in United States
  • Records (Part 2) - Jeanette K. B. Daniels, BS
  • - Beau Sharbrough
  • Making Memories Matter: Creating Storybooks to Share Your Heritage - Kathleen Updike Strickler
  • Helping those with Hispanic Ancestry at your Family History Center - Jonathan Walker
  • Strategies for Solving German emigration problems - Baerbel K. Johnson, AG
  • Applying the Basics of DNA: Finding Success in What You Know - Melissa Phillips
  • PAF Users Love Ancestral Quest and the New FamilySearch - Gaylon Findlay
  • New Research Strategies for Virginia Research - Arlene H. Eakle, Ph.D.
  • Labs.FamilySearch.Org -- Future tools to dig up the past - Timothy G. Cross
  • It Killed the Romans but it Can't Kill You!: Latin in European Church Records - Ruth L. Merriman
  • The Godfrey Scholar Program for Family History Center Users - Richard Black
  • DNAame: Surnames Distinguished by DNA - Diahan Southard
  • TBA - Kimberly A. Savage
  • The History of Religion and Church Records in Scotland - Barbara Baker
  • Now That You've Found Them . . . Go Visit - Dale Bartlett
  • Families by the Dozen: Using a wide-angle lens to research - DearMYRTLE

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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