Monday, February 11, 2008

Teen publishes Irish family history novel

It what constitutes a wonderful bridge of the generation gap, a homeschooled 17-year old, Amanda Burris, wove a tapestry of Irish family and local history in her first novel.

“The story centers around 15-year-old Nora Shanahan, an Irish girl living in the 1840s during the Irish Potato Famine, caused by a fungus that decimated much of the island country's potato crop. Nora loved to dance and was in love with Ian McTeague, a local blacksmith, but her family was struggling to make it through
the famine, which left Ireland devastated.”

For more about this creative teenager, see Ben McKneely’s “Kannapolis teenager publishes novel based on Irish ancestry” © 2008 Concord and Kannapolis Independent Tribune published earlier today.

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