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Woomail: very private e-messaging

No one likes unsolicited email. Attempting to combat the non-edible spam costs millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours each year. Ol' Myrt here easily spends 50 minutes a day just hitting the "delete" button to remove the latest batch from my inbox. (Yes, I check my email box about ten times a day, and spend roughly 5 minutes each time getting rid of spam. That is how I manage to listen to so many genealogy & history podcasts each week!)

Yes, I have spam control using Norton. The same is true on my laptop with McAfee. Spam is just part of our online life, but should it be? Spammers of the world take fiendish delight in working around all known fixes, so their spam will "leak" through the shields and sit there waiting for me the next time I open my email inbox.

The following Woomail announcement came across Business Wire about an hour ago. The concept behind this service is that you visit the Woomail website to send and receive encrypted e-messages using Woomail. You don't have to have Woomail to communicate with me, just go to my Woomail page and fill in the blanks. The encrypted part is where you must type in the unique code toward the bottom of the Woomail message form before the message will be accepted by my Woomail inbox.

If you'd like to test this out, without registering for Woomail, you can visit my personal Woomail page at: woomail.com/DearMYRTLE

This process is supposedly safe from intrusion, because it is all "held on one server" and the Woomail does not have to be sent through the internet connection of several hundred email servers to get from you to me.

Apparently, it is the transfer of traditional email between my computer and yours that leaves an opening spammers take advantage of -- much to our consternation.

I had one question: It would seem that as soon as you let non-Woomail people know about your new Woomail address, this wouldn't work. Yet it does work because I cannot receive email in the traditional sense. I receive your Woomail because you go to my Woomail page, and type an e-message to me. Before completing the form, you type in your email address or your Woomail id.

In Ol' Myrt's mind, this is really more like a messaging service rather than email. I can send a message to your regular email account through Woomail, but for your reply, you must click the link in the email, or visit Ol’ Myrt’s Woomail page. I cannot subscribe to a genealogy mailing list using Woomail, because no external source of email (like @RootsWeb, @Yahoo or @Comcast.net) can get into the Woomail arena to play. It takes a real person to type in the encrypted code at the bottom of the message form so that Woomail will accept your message to me.

Unlike traditional instant messaging, I do not have to install a program. To read my Woomail, I merely log in at my Woomail page to view your posting to me. Unlike traditional instant messaging, no notice will appear on my computer’s desktop that your message awaits. In fact, I won't know about your posting to me until I log on to my Woomail page.

I haven’t yet experimented with group or merchant accounts on Woomail.

Woomail Launches Instant Email That Never Enters Cyberspace

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--It is estimated that the cost of spam worldwide is teetering around the $100 Billion mark which includes lost worker productivity, user issues and the increased IT spending. Within a typical enterprise business, spam can easily cost a company somewhere in the region of $600 to $1,000 per year per employee. Spam wreaks havoc on corporate network storage, user support and squandered bandwidth. More importantly, it can have negative impact on a company’s priceless assets such as corporate brand and reputation.

In 2003, Basex released a white paper study titled Spam E-Mail and Its Impact on IT Spending and Productivity. Within the white paper, Bob Kahn, the co-designer of TCP/IP Networking Protocol was quoted as saying, “I have a hunch that there is a better solution waiting to be found, technical or otherwise, but until it is, we will likely have to cope with spam and other unwanted email as best we can.”

What is clear is that solutions to date such as anti-spam software programs are not effective. As long as the communiqué must enter cyberspace, it can fall victim to spam and security breach. A better solution was urgently required, and Woomail is the answer. Woomail is an innovative type of e-messaging that could replace spam infested email.

The desktop skin may look like a common Hotmail or Gmail user account, and Woomail does interact seamlessly with email, but it is nothing like email. Unlike traditional email, Woomail gives all power to the user by controlling both ends of the information exchange. Messages never, ever enter cyberspace and the risk of spam is completely eliminated. Woomail is an intelligent and controlled online communication tool that works in an efficient way, eliminating spam and putting total control in the hands of the recipient.

Businesses can get back to the business of doing business; knowing that every message is handled by a real person and that corporate networks are not clogged with unwanted messages. Employees are instantly more productive and overall IT costs are drastically reduced. Woomail also offers large enterprise solutions, where all online communications are sent and received on in-house servers, never leaving their corporate shelter.

The true essence of Woomail is that it switches control to the end user, which saves time, money and productivity. More information on Woomail and its numerous business applications and free individual service is available at

About Woomail
Woomail is a revolutionary form of electronic communication online of which there are no competitors or parallels. John Halloran, CEO of Woomail.com: “We understood the problems that have infected and crippled conventional email and we set out to change the process and succeeded.

Woomail is a new process that could change online communications for individuals, small business and large enterprises.” Woomail is an unmatched echelon of online messaging that is 100% encrypted, easy to use and the safest available.

Enquiries and media information regarding Woomail, The World’s Safest Mail™ can be directly to John Halloran at 650-739-8082 or

Woomail, San Francisco
John Halloran,

So, DearREADERS, we are to call Woomail "e-messaging” -- not e-mail or instant messaging. Let's see how this develops. At least someone is thinking outside the box, err... inbox.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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