Sunday, March 16, 2008 supplemental chapters in .pdf format

A VERY GOOD idea has come to light through the 24/7 Family History Circle blog at

The idea is to provide "supplemental chapters" in .pdf format to hard copy books sold.

One of "The Genealogy Guys", George G. Morgan wrote The Official Guide to, an essential resource if you'd like to get the most out of your membership. George has a way of explaining things that makes the process "doable" for his readers.

But the trouble with printed text in this day and age, is that as technology advances, books become outdated.

Ancestry has come up with a brilliant solution by publishing a addendums in .pdf format.

This means Ancestry is very interested in your success as a family history researcher.

(And, there is no point in hiding one's light...)

From the blog announcement we discover that 2 of 4 supplements are available:
  • Updates and Enhancements— "Add audio and video to your family trees, get your DNA tested, preview search results, and check out new military records, all at"
  • AncestryPress—"Turn your research into professionally printed and bound keepsakes for your family with just a click-click here and a click-click there. "
Two more supplements will be available in the next week or so:
  • DNA— "Unlock the genealogical secrets of your genes."
  • The Learning Center—"It’s new, improved, bigger, and better than ever. "

BRAVO! A great use of technology. Now one can curl up with the book AND keep on top of the latest developments in .pdf format on their computers.

"Supplemental Chapters to The Official Guide to Now Available for Download", 24/7 Family History Circle. 13 March 2008.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of George's book, it is available at all the best online booksellers, and through the website by clicking here: The Official Guide to

Happy family tree climbing!
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