Thursday, March 13, 2008

AniMap 3.0 announced

In my finest Star Wars Yoda-ese, "Delighted, I was" to hear that Art Lassagne of has released version 3 of his very popular AND useful AniMap County Boundary Historical Atlas software.

Without a doubt, AniMap is the best software for genealogists who wish to understand the development of US counties and states over time, as it is possible to view an outline map and click to subsequent years, and note how boundaries have changed. This is essential when you cannot find an ancestor's records at one courthouse. It may just be that the county boundaries changed since that ancestor lived, and you need to look at another county courthouse in the region. AniMap give you clues about dates and boundaries of county divisions necessitated by population growth.

From Art's announcement email received this morning:
"This version of AniMap has been updated to run under the newest versions of Windows (yes, including Vista). Many customers have asked for things like bigger maps on the screen, more detailed operating instructions, and locations of townships. AniMap 3.0 has all these and more. Maps can be expanded to 1280x960 resolution which will fill most of the larger screens.

The SiteFinder database has been expanded by more than [1 million] places including some new categories: Civil Divisions (Townships, for instance), Mines, Parks, Islands and more.

The Help Files have been expanded and cover every aspect of operating AniMap in non-technical language. In addition, a PDF file containing an instruction manual is also included which you can read (and print, if you like) before beginning to use AniMap."

Now, we tend to equate AniMap with US mapping. However, Art explains "Our Historic Map Library CD selection has increased to more than 30 choices including many European countries, Historical Atlases going back over 2,000 years and more. Many are fully indexed so you do not need to examine the entire map to find the place you are seeking." Complete list and details are on Art's web site: That is where Ol' Myrt found links to:
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