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The BEST of the Internet for Genealogists - 23 March 2008

It is Sunday and time for the latest installment of DearMYRTLE’s BEST of the Internet for Genealogists Awards. You are probably spending time with family and friends over this long Easter weekend. -- Don’t worry, these wonderful sites will still be there when you get back to your research.

[Ahem, drum roll please…]

The BEST of the Internet for Genealogists – 23 March 2008 awards go to:

Salamanca and a Common Problem” posted by Lynn Turner AG on his Hispanic Genealogy blog. “Believe it or not one of the biggest problems I face in Hispanic genealogy is misspelled town names. Last year I spent 2 months trying to find Baloria, Soria, Spain (spelled Baloria in a birth certificate), only to find that the town was actually spelled Valloria.” Spelling is a problem faced by all genealogists, so check out Lynn’s blog to learn about some solutions. See also: Versión de Español / Castellano

INSTRUCTION: PhotoLoom News postings explaining how we can better archive our old family photos, to ensure future generations will benefit.

DATABASE SITE: helps you find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials, add 'virtual flowers' and a note to a loved one's grave, etc. Search 22 million grave records. Also searchable through

SCANNED IMAGE SITE: The Historical Newspaper Collection at where you can “find names and keywords in over 112.3+ million articles, obituaries, marriage notices, birth announcements and other items published in more than 500,000 issues of over 2,400 historical U.S. newspapers. New content added monthly.” Click to see the title list. When Ol' Myrt was visiting with some of the Certified Genealogists that presented at the Utah Genealogical Association’s Salt Lake Institute, there was a lively discussion about how this newspaper collection has helped them with research for their clients.

PODCAST: Michael O'Laughlin hosts the “Missouri Irish History & Legend: Ireland to America” podcast series posted at the Irish Roots Café. Also available through iTunes.

VIDEO: "Creating a Protective Book Box" posted on Family Tree Magazine’s YouTube space. Assistant editor Grace Dobush shows you how to make a protective book box for your fragile keepsakes. Download the PDFwith detailed instructions and a list of materials. This project requires book binder board, PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue and acid-free paper.

COMMENTARY: Jana Lloyd’s Leonis or Lewis? Some Quick Tips for Finding Your Ancestors in the Census published at 05 August 2007. See especially Jana’s thoughts for getting around the errors in addition to actual census image challenges to illustrate each point.

INNOVATION: IS IT DOWN FOR EVERYONE or JUST ME is a Google service brought to my attention by Gina Trapani on the Lifehacker blog. If you are having trouble getting to a website, and are wondering if the site isn’t working properly use this service to “ping” the site in question. If it IS working properly, then you know it IS your computer, the network, your browser or ??? Tonight I had trouble getting through to RootsWeb mailing list archives, and so I asked “Is it down for everyone or just me” to check. Within less than a few seconds, I received the report: “It's not just you! looks down from here.”

MOST INTERESTING THREAD: First Name Quirks Message Board at Drury for Joseph? Zenda? Milney? Make a posting to add to this thread.

ETHNIC STUDIES: Price & Associates’ “Expert Links: English Family History & Genealogy” was something I learned about from Nathan W. Murphy, MA, AG® as he presented the top 25 English Genealogy Websites at the March 2008 Brigham Young University Computerized Genealogy conference. You can bet he knows his research. They’ve instituted a bi-monthly spotlight on a particular website, which is currently Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales (1872). A key source for English research, these digitized volumes identify civil registration districts, nearby towns, and population counts for every parish in England. Detailed descriptions help genealogists gain a 'sense of place' for localities where ancestors resided. Courtesy: A Vision of Britain through Time, produced by the Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System (Department of Geography, University of Portsmouth)” See also the archive of previous featured sites.

Please note that this week's award winners may have published the spotlighted content earlier, it is just that this week Ol' Myrt here stumbled across them and wishes to honor excellent work.

If you have suggestions for winning genealogy content be sure to drop me a line. After all, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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