Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eagle Scout Project: Cemetery map & transcriptions

“Kids these days!” is a comment frequently used by the older generation, usually associated with some disparaging remarks, about the younger generation. Our parents said it about us, and their parents said it about them. Well, today’s Dallas Morning News brings a different sort of story to light about the younger generation.

Parents Ginger & Gary Lyon should have nothing but great things to say about their sons Jared & Jeremy who created maps of the Greenwood Cemetery in Hopkins County, Texas and then transcribed the information found on the tombstones. According to the article, Jared worked through the old section of Greenwood, and Jeremy accomplished the same task in the new section. Jared and Jeremy are among four teens reported to have earned the Eagle Scout rank – the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America.

Source: “Eagle Scouts”, Dallas Morning News, 16 March 2008.

These young men are what’s right with the younger generation. Ol' Myrt here wishes she had been as socially conscious when she was a teen.

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