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The Master Genealogist (TMG)

The Master Genealogist (TMG)

This week’s podcast featured an interview with a TMG expert, and perhaps this has whetted your appetite to change genealogy management programs. TMG conforms to GEDCOM file format for data import and export, though it isn’t necessary to create a GEDCOM file in your old genealogy program if you wish to start using TMG. Remember Ol' Myrt here recommends using a main-stream genealogy management program to facilitate exchange of data with other researchers. Excel and Word are not considered main-stream genealogy programs.

TMG (The Master Genealogist) is up to version 7 now, and has been called the “gold standard” for professional genealogists. But what about folks like you and me? Is the program just too complicated? NO WAY. You can get started with the program in a matter of minutes, directing it to bring in your existing database with just a few mouse clicks.

Of particular interest to Ol' Myrt here are these TMG options:
  • Evaluate and record reliability of your sources (adding a surety value)
  • Name variables can be listed on the main screen, not buried in notes
  • Combing an indivdual’s time line of events with a historical time lines
  • Listing a person as a witness to an event
  • Track correspondence
  • Advanced options can be activated later
  • Managing multiple data sets (databases) with TMG showing where a new data set might augment your exisiting database, while preserving data set numbers for imported database

Since we’ll all eventually want to make a book, so do pay attention to the TMG “publish” options that include:

  • Output to more than 50 word processors (Word, WordPerfect, etc.) not just .rtf.
  • Multiple indexes (not just names, but places would be nice in my case.)
  • Table of contents
  • Endnotes or footnotes
  • A great deal of control over the fonts, data to be included, etc.

Here are some links for more info about TMG The Master Genealogist:

  • Full product description
  • Guided Tour (This involves a self-paced 8MB tutorial to download. The language & screen shots are drawn from the US edition of TMG, however the concepts apply to the UK edition and other language versions.)
  • Upgrade Center

Why not go ahead and Download a 30-Day Free Trial of The Master Genealogist, and see how it works?!! Remember, you don’t need to worry about importing your data – TMG imports directly from most genealogy programs & back up files without the necessity of creating a GEDCOM file. Remember, TMG also works with GenSmarts (research advisor), Second Site (to assist in using your data to create a family website) and wall-sized charting services such as Got Charts, another service of

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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