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Professional genealogy groups

In response to the previous blog entry, Ol' Myrt here provided the following comments:

Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 10:33 AM
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Subject: Sole organization

Thank-you for the info about the roundtable discussion. I do appreciate Kathy's work and value my membership in APG [The Association of Professional Genealogists]. The comments on the APG-list are usually thought-provoking and provide insight from members with varied professional background and research experience levels.

Knowing that all heck can break loose when one posts a dissenting point of view, I make the following comments:

I find it amazing that the APG characterizes itself as the "sole organization representing genealogy as a profession."

Though BCG and ICapGen members may not choose to argue the point, I see all three organizations as viable resources when one wishes to hire a professional genealogist. Certainly other organizations meet or exceed the "professional" criteria listed in the APG notice copied below my comments.

Interestingly, both BCG and ICapGen require testing & demonstration of professional-level research skills before membership is granted. In fact, APG membership does not require testing or demonstration of skill - we merely need to pay annual dues. The inference could be drawn that BCG and ICapGen are more "professional" in their approach to genealogical studies.

All three organizations support "the preservation and accessibility of records useful to the fields of genealogy, local and social history."

I am not sure if BCG and ICapGen have "members represent all fifty states and several countries" as APG claims of its membership.

But I am sure that all three organizaitons promote "excellence in genealogical research, teaching, and writing."

I believe that APG might do well to note its place in the genealogical community by realizing it is not the sole organization representing genealogy as a profession.

Mutual respect among professional genealogy organizations might just be the name of the game.

At this point, some 20 minutes after my posting was sent, my comments have not been distributed through the APG list. It is probably due to a challenge with list-serve mechanics.

There are indeed other "professional" genealogy organizations, I've limited my comments to the three I know the most about.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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