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BEST of the Internet for Genealogists Award 25 May 2008

Sundays find me happy to post DearMYRTLE's BEST of the Internet for Genealogists Award Winners. Its always a game of catch-up when coming home from 12 days of travel, but here we go:

DearMYRTLE's Best of the Internet for Genealogists Award 25 May 2008 is the first list to include the "plus 1" category for items that don't fit the norm. Mention here is an indication from Ol' Myrt here that the following websites are certainly worth your effort to explore.

BLOG: Enumerate Me!...and him...and her...and her... posted 23 May 2008 at Genealogy Gems News. Thanks to Lisa Louise Cooke for a whimsical look at entries in US federal census records. Sure enough, she has documented evidence that DearMYRTLE is a real person, not just a figment of my overactive imagination.

INSTRUCTION: At the risk of being self-serving, it is my joy to announce the debut of the brand new Teach Genealogy Blog & related website with links for Family History Consultants and genealogy instructors. I created this online resource to chronicle adventures with my little genealogy research group here in Salt Lake City, and to provide an online place for folks to find copies of handouts and resource material we discuss during our pow-wows. NOTE: We're meeting at the 90th South Trax station for a field trip to the Family History Library June 7th. Hope some more will join our merry band.

DATABASE SITE: The JewishGen Communities Database and JewishGen ShtetlSeeker. When you discover the name of the town of origin in the old world, it can be frustrating because of changes brought on bylanguage differences. It may even be that the town no longer exists. Use this site to locate an ancestral town. Fortunately if you are a little off on the spelling, the site lists optional sound-alike spellings for your consideration.

SCANNED IMAGE SITE: Births & Baptisms 1553-1854 posted at

VIDEO: RootsTelevision interview with Elaine Hirtle UDC .Though tomorrow is Memorial Day, and we traditionally think of soldiers and sailors who fought valiantly for the US cause. However, as thoughtful genealogists, we realize that civil war and strife among peoples of a nation cause heartache for all families involved. The story here in the US with the War Between the States is no exception.

COMMENTARY: Growing an ancestor Garden posted 27 May 2008 at was short and sweet, but it brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing how color and textures, and specific types of flowers, tomatoes and shrubs remind us of home.

INNOVATION:'s method of providing low-cost genealogy expos to thousands of attendees is indeed innovative. President Holly Hansen's group was the first to offer the syllabus in .pdf format on CD, cutting costs significantly. She doesn't pay her speakers and that keeps her costs down, though it is surprising how much it costs to rent a big place like the Dixie Center in St. George. The next MAF expo will be held in Mesa, Arizona in November 2008.

MOST INTERESTING THREAD: Dick Eastman's blog entry I have a complaint concerning many genealogists posted 22 May 2008 at I agree with Dick 100%. There is simply no free lunch, and eventually we must pay the piper. Good genealogy websites are no exception.

ETHNIC STUDIES: RootsWeb's Palatine site. Many early arriving German groups are mentioned in this collection.

PLUS ONE: Going Home posted at footnoteMaven's Shades of the Departed blog. This is the story of the "girl with the pears" photo unearthed in an antique shop, and thankfully reunited with the family in question.

Happy family tree climbing!
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