Thursday, May 08, 2008

Honoring Halvor

I first met Halvor Moorshead, at the NGS Conference in Nashville in the 1990s. My good friend & genealogy research buddy, Barb Shultz, told me I HAD to find out about this new magazine FAMILY CHRONICLE as she proceeded to drag me to Halvor's booth in the exhibit hall. Halvor's bright smile came shining through as I politely listened to Barb's conversation with him.

Barb is usually right, and this time was no exception. Her exuberance about the magazine and it's publisher is well-founded.

What I discovered was this man GETS what it takes to make family history come alive for genealogy newbies and experienced researchers alike.

Halvor has the charisma to draw upon talented family history writers and the technical savvy to mobilize his production staff to set "how-to" advice in print layouts that invite further investigation. Halvor has a knack for weaving genealogy with history, something we must emulate if we wish to place our ancestors in historical context.

What has followed throughout the years is a bounty of additional magazines and books designed to educate and inspire genealogists the world over. Time and again Halvor's publications have demonstrated a good balance between popular genealogy topics and well-grounded research advice. Encouraging newbie researchers to develop sound evaluation and citation habits is no easy task -- but Halvor does it with flair. He understands that online presentation of scanned images is a whole lot different from the plethora of so-called family history websites with nothing but unsubstantiated lineages.

Although Halvor has been in the publishing business since 1973 with 19 magazines to his credit, genealogists and historians know him for the following:

Book titles from Moorshead Publications include:

Not many folks would attempt to establish a new magazine in the midst of a world-wide economic downturn, particularly on such an obscure (?!) topic as family history. But Halvor is unstoppable in his quest to aid genealogy researchers, and I have no doubt Discovering Family History will do as well as his other publications.

As Halvor takes this time to retire from active publishing, he has told us he will have more time for travel, research and even some genealogy lecturing.

Ol' Myrt here is grateful for Halvor and the strength he has been to the genealogy community.

BRAVO for a job well-done, Halvor!

To honor Halvor we've arranged:
  • DINNER at 7 pm Thursday, 15 May 2008 at the Hyatt Regency's Crown Center Peppercorn restaurant. On a budget? No problem, we're ordering from the menu. RSVP to the event coordinators by Sunday 5pm.
  • SIGN THE GUEST BOOK by stopping by the GenealogyBank booth at NGS Wed-Fri.

JOIN in the camaraderie and THANK HALVOR for his service to the genealogy community.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)


Your friend in genealogy.

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