Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whistle while you work

Remember that old time Disney tune “Whistle While You Work” of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs fame? Our mothers taught us to sing a little while getting those unpleasant jobs DONE!

Well, if your aging singing voice is anything like mine, it might be best for those in your immediate environment if you take a slightly different course of action, with a decidedly 21st century slant.

So why not listen to podcasts while you work?

Technology of iPods and other MP3 players permit each listener an opportunity to customize the lineup to meet the exact interests and specifications.

Bella Inglewood met with me this morning in Second Life’s Just Genealogy area, and told me she got her son’s room cleaned up and most of the laundry folded yesterday while listening to The Genealogy Guys, Genealogy Gems and DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour genealogy podcasts.

LaDonna is thinking along the same line.

At the NGS Conference in Kansas City last week, I met certified genealogist LaDonna Gardner in Bob McLearen’s Genealogy Pub and she told me “I listen to your DearMYRTLE podcasts and Drew & George’s Genealogy Guys podcasts as well on Sundays while I’m catching up on organizing my files. It sure does make a few hours of filing less of a chore.”

Now THAT is one way to find time to file all those genealogy photocopies of proof documents!

So here’s a new set of words for that old familiar tune:


(to the tune of Whistle While You Work)

Listen while you work
Don’t be a messy jerk
Learn the latest research tricks
Just listen while you work.

My apologies to the true poets in the audience.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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