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Thursday, June 12, 2008

DearMYRTLE update

With the recent debut of my new Teach Genealogy Blog, Ol' Myrt here wishes to bring her faithful
DearMYRTLE blog readers up to speed with the current plan.

Click to view DearMYRTLE's Blog

DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog will continue to with nearly daily post in reply to reader queries, weekly or bo-monthly DearMYRTLE's Best of the Internet for Genealogists Awards, periodic "From the Bookshelf" announcements, and press releases from other entities in the world of genealogy.
Subscribe for free using any RSS reader. Links to several are included at the blog site. Myrt's website will continue to archive pre-2007 columns. Recent blog entries include:

DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour genealogy podcasts will continue to be posted 2-4 times monthly depending on Ol' Myrt's travel plans. The podcast continues to feature interviews from leading genealogy and family history experts, a MightyMouse tour of great websites, spotlights publications in "From the Bookshelf" and "Software Saturday" posts. Occasionally Myrt will also record one of her favorite blog entries, making this resource especially useful for blind genealogists. Subscribe to this free podcast by downloading the free iTunes software, then searching the store for "DearMYRTLE" to pull in the media RSS feed. Thereafter the podcasts will automatically download whenever you open the iTunes software on your computer. You don't need an iPod to listen, just turn up those computer speakers and click on the episode you wish to hear.

Click to read the Teach Genealogy Blog.

Myrt's Teach Genealogy Blog will feature reports of DearMYRTLE's Salt Lake Study Group activities, in addition to information gleaned at various UGG Union of Genealogy Groups in Second Life (SL) voice chats. Subscribe for free using any RSS reader. Links to several are included at the blog site. For those new to this blog, here are some of the recent postings:

JUNE 2008 Teach Genealogy Blog postings:

May 2008 Teach Genealogy blog postings:

April 2008 Teach Genealogy blog postings:

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

© 2008 Pat Richley All Rights Reserved.

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