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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SL Study Group, the Gentleman's Magazine & UGG

Myrt's Teach Genealogy Blog has the following two new postings:
  • DearMYRTLE's Study Group: Update 24 June 2008 where Myrt discusses a bit of her own family history research featuring the mother and daughter. Research includes bible entries, the census when Myrt's mom was 18 months old (1 and 6/12), a tombstone index, and actual cemetery hopping.
  • Gentleman's Magazine (not the kind that would make Ol' Myrt here blush!) Info on this UK publication was shared at a recent genealogy voice chat in Second Life.

By chronicling the progress of DearMYRTLE's Salt Lake Study Group and the UGG genealogy voice chats in Second Life, this blog provides Family History Consultants and other instructors with ideas for teaching genealogy.

NOTE: If you want to join Second Life and attend the genealogy voice chats, be sure to find 'Clarise Beaumont' or 'DearMYRTLE Writer' once you are in-world, and she will send you landmarks to Just Genealogy, West of Ireland, The Genealogy Resource Center on Info Island, Wonderful Denmark, and the Family History Centre in Adam ondi Ahman. SL is free, and the genealogy voice chats are as well.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

© 2008 Pat Richley All Rights Reserved. This and previous blog entries are fully searchable by going to Myrt welcomes queries and research challenges, but regrets she is unable to answer each personally.

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