Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Ol’ Myrt is happy to report that she AND her “new” luggage have arrived safely home from the marvelous 2008 Legacy Family Tree Baltic Sea Cruise. After five hours sleep, I am bursting at the seams to blog about my experiences with some 200 other genealogy researchers (including a few others who joined our class sessions having heard about the Legacy group while on the cruise.) And for those who were curious, YES, I did find Megan Smolenyak was on the same cruise, which was a tender family retreat honoring her deceased mother.

WHILE I WAS GONE, FamilySearch.org changed it’s main page, so go visit it. More is sure to come later on this topic. See www.familysearch.org.

JUST SO I CAN REMEMBER what came to mind for blog topics when I awoke this morning, Ol’ Myrt here will include a few notes so I can expand the list into individual blog entries AFTER the 14,736 emails download. Our Facebook friend, Megan was correct when describing this as a “tsunami of emails...”

  • STARTING POINTS IN FAMILY HISTORY - Why researchers shouldn’t look to a printed genealogy book as the gospel truth. Inspired by a ship-board addition to the Legacy classes who is “one or two generations removed from mention of his surname in early land records near the Tower of London.” Finding those land records will not prove his relationship to the land holder. Start with yourself and work backwards…
  • FAKE GENEALOGIES & NAMES PRIOR TO 1500 - Inspired by the above referenced researcher and a thread on the LDS Ward Consultants mailing list.
  • READABILITY OF BLOG ENTRIES - From Randy Seaver’s Juicy Studio suggestion that Myrt wrote at the 11th grade level in articles posted in June 2008! Shucks, darlin’. Ol' Myrt here hadn't thUnk Ah usEing such a way to e-val-U-ate my blog! --giggle--
  • FACEBOOK FOR GENEALOGISTS - Inspired by a brief conversation on board the Norwegian Jewell with Megan Smolenyak about the proliferation of interest in Facebook of late, largely associated with Megan’s widely successful Unclaimed Persons group found only at Facebook.
  • BLOGS ARE FUN & EASY - To read or to create. Comments from cruise class participants and how they plan to use blogs to “get the word out.”
  • LEGACY’S SOURCE WRITER & “Evidence Explained” - From notes Ol’ Myrt took during Geoff Rasmussen’s on-board presentation this week.
  • MINI COMPUTERS FOR TRAVELERS - My cruise roommate Aileen and her friend Patricia are pleased with their nifty 3 pound tiny computers. Ol’ Myrt even liked the keyboard, though I frequently confused the “Shift” with the “Enter” key.
  • USE OF "WHILST" & SHARING SENTIMENTS - Thoughts about similar and differing points of view after seeing an electronic highway billboard somewhere between Dover and London’s Heathrow airport which read “No cell phones whilst driving.”
  • PAF ADD-INS FOR NEW FAMILYSEARCH: from Family Insight and Ancestral Quest - From an announcement from FamilySearch to Family History Consultants.
  • FAMILY TREE MAKER 2008 SPOT LIGHT - Pointing to Randy Seaver’s in-depth study, complete with screen shots. (Great blogging, Randy!)
  • SHARING VIDEOS ON GENI - From a recent announcement that popped up in my email. (While composing this blog, my email is STILL downloading! sigh)
  • 1891 CANADIAN CENSUS - Including links to Steve Morse’s 1-step access, thanks to friend Joy Rich for keeping on top of things “whilst” I was gone.
  • OLD FASHIONED APRONS - Inspired by an email forwarded by a non-genealogist, who is very nostalgic none-the-less.
  • GENCLASS: What’s coming up in August 2008.
  • BLOGLINES - A great way to keep up while traveling.
  • FAMILY SEARCH & ANCESTRY.COM: Census Images & Index agreement. (I am not sure how I feel about this one yet!)
  • MOVING LOW USE RECORD GROUPS - The plan posted by UK’s Federation of Family History Societies
  • AVOIDING RED EYE - This is not a traveler’s airline tip, but rather one about digital photography.
  • FAMILY SEARCH teams with FindMyPast.com - Direct from Paul Nauta’s desk.
  • LIBRARY THING REVISITED - With input from a new user.
  • KEEPING LOCAL SOCIETIES HEALTHY - Inspired by a thread at the APG Mailing List. In Myrt’s opinion, it is time to think outside the box and embrace technology.
  • GRAMMA MYRTLE’S PICKLE RECIPE - I’ve scanned the recipe card, and your cucumbers are ripening. How about combining the two?
  • NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL & BIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY MANUSCRIPTS - After selling off the library facility, now they’re giving away the books and manuscript collection. Why Dick Hillenbrand thinks this is good. (I agree!)
  • TRAVELERS’ ALERT: USING PUBLIC WI-FI - From our friends at CNet.com
  • WHOLLY GENES’ new hosting service
  • WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY CRUISE OF THE BALTIC - Some personal notes about travel, culture, reality and ancestral methods of travel.
  • SECOND LIFE August 2008 - Why I love voice chatting with other online genealogists. It isn't a game to me.
    Ol' Myrt here has been impacted of late by the deaths of dear friends and fellow genealogy researchers.
    Plans are set in motion for the August Share and a field trip to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers historian's office.

Gee whillikers! From the looks of that list I certainly have enough to talk about. (And I haven’t given more a cursory glance to the genea-blogs yet!)

‘Nuff said for now... I am off to swim a few laps to work out the kinks from yesterday’s monumental plane trips – Heathrow to JFK, JFK back to the terminal (due to an incapacitated passenger), JFK to Salt Lake City.

PS: I’ve also got to trace my “OLD” luggage, which played hopscotch throughout Europe and the Middle East whilst I was learning about the history and culture of Copenhagen, Rostock (Germany), St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn (Estonia), Stockholm and London.

Looks like I am getting used to the use of the term "whilst".

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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