Thursday, July 10, 2008

Comparisons: WVR& Ancestry

From: AMES

Regarding WVR versus Ancestry - I'd like to know how the databases compare between and

Do I get more or something equivalent to Ancestry with WVR?

While updating your WVR, perhaps you could place a comparison chart that would encourage people to use your website over Ancestry or in addition to Ancestry.

There are so many possible sources that cost and I don't have the funds to invest in that many.

Thank you.

Ol' Myrt here delights in spotlighting the databases at Ancestry, WVR and other essential websites for genealogists in my blogs and podcasts. However, I am an independent and do not work for either of the websites.

I'll forward your suggestions to the folks at World Vital Records.

Let me add that fortunately it costs nothing to go a "global" search at the sites you mention. It costs money to view details, and most databases require paid membership. Fortunately, some new databases are free for a few days.

For that reason I recommend subscribing to the newsletter or blog from each website to keep on top of the types of record groups available.

As the cost of a gallon of gas keeps rising, it may just be that membership to online scanned image websites will be all the more enticing. I personally prefer online viewing to ordering microfilm and waiting for its arrival at my local LDS Family History Center. I am excited to see that the Family History Library is scanning and indexing at whirlwind speed. See the test area at: .

And speaking of your local LDS Family History Center (FHC), it is possible that free access to worthwhile genealogy websites including Genealogy Bank and WVR is available there. Eleven FHCs worldwide have free access to Many public libraries pay for access to and/or HeritageQuestOnline.

There is nothing, though that compares with walking the land where an ancestor once lived, visiting the gravesites, and doing on-site research at the local courthouse or archive. This is a picture of my ancestor of my 6th great-grandfather Conrad WEISER's home in Womelsdorf, PA, taken by a good friend and posted at I remember visiting there in the late 1980s when the place was a site of "reinacting". We actually got a small piece of bread baked in the deep brick oven that was accessed by a small door in the upper right side of the 2-room home's walk-in fireplace. We also drank a weak herb tea, cooled in a pottery jug in the spring house about 20 steps to the left of the spot where the photographer is standing to take this shot.

Ol' Myrt here is confident that with the invention of new internet tools, genealogists will have a great time putting them to good use to spread the word about our ancestors.

As for me, I'm thankful for sites like Ancestry and WVR, making it possible to view more in the way of scanned original source documents.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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