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DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour 8 June 2008 genealogy podcast

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Our favorite Photo Detective Maureen Taylor joins this podcast to talk about her latest article "It's
a Charmed Life: Reunion News
" published in the July 2008 issue of Family Tree Magazine . Wasn't Midge Frazel lucky to have found an ancestor's photo on the DeadFred "lost photos" website? If you'd like to learn more about photo-genealogy, be sure to check out Maureen's how-to books Uncovering Your Ancestry through Family Photographs (2005), and Preserving Your Family Photographs: How to Organize, Preserve, Present & Restore Your Previous Family Images (2001.) Maureen has been featured in CNN and Wall Street Journal interviews and is also the author of numerous photo-genealogy and "junior genealogist" articles published in Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens. (This segment begins 47 minutes into the podcast.)

Click to search selected pages of Elizabeth's book.Elizabeth Powel Crowe, author of Genealogy Online 8th edition. Her Crowe's Nest blog is at Elizabeth explains that writing effective genealogical queries can mean the difference between making a cousin connection or not. Since others may have gone down this research path before, it is a good idea to share information back and forth. That person may have inherited the family bible, and you may have the only surviving tin-type of your mutual 2nd great-grandmother. (This segment begins 47 minutes into the podcast.)

MightyMouse TOUR This segment begins 57 seconds into the podcast and includes a synopsis of the more detailed entries in
DearMYRTLE's Best of the Internet for Genealogists 6 July 2008 as follows:

  • BLOG: Carnival of Genealogy
  • INSTRUCTION: Finding Church Records at the LDS (Slovak )
  • DATABASE SITE: Emigrant Tracking: Finnish & Scandinavian Resources and the
    Identified Emigrant Register
  • SCANNED IMAGE SITE: Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
  • PODCAST: Family Roots Radio Genealogy Hour's Effective Library Research
  • VIDEO: "RootsMagic Insider" embedded YouTube video created by Common Craft titled "RSS in Plain English"
  • COMMENTARY: Ol' Myrt commiserated with Craig Manson who wrote SCGS Jamboree: Why Live Blogging Didn't Work for Me. It seems that hotels are attempting to make their room rates appear the same as 3 years ago by no longer including free internet access. At the 2008 NGS Conference in Kansas City, I was also forced to pay $9.95 per day for internet access in my room only to discover it was an unsecure connection. I couldn't use this access in the conference classrooms or exhibit hall where conference coordinators were charged even more by the hotel for internet access. Some were able to connect in the lobby of the hotel at no cost. But since Ol' Myrt tends to read her email and blog in pajamas & fluffy slippers, the lobby wasn't an option at 3am. $9.95 per day is an outrageous amount to spend for a 5 day conference, plus a day or two tacked on to each side for arrival and departure. What a racket. I think this will force people get a USB or PCMCIA laptop card and ante up aboutClick to find out more about the 2008 FGS Conference $60 a
    month for a mobile internet connection service.
    Latest iPhone details from AT&T" by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • MOST INTERESTING THREAD: Genea-Librarian Mailing list posting "Criteria for keeping materials"
    & responses.
  • OK, the "Pink Yarn Theory of Throwing Things Out" reflects the fact that after you finally throw out that 1/2 skein of pink yarn, kept for ten years since the last child or grandchild used some to make a Valentine -- you are SURE to need that exact pink yarn within the next two weeks. This theory is akin to every genealogist's code "When in doubt, keep it."
  • ETHNIC STUDIES: Quantrill's Guerrillas
  • PLUS ONE: Bloglines

  • Second Life (Once you've joined, and it's free, search for Clarise Beaumont or DearMYRTLE Writer.)
  • 2008 FGS Conference in Philadelphia "Footprints in History" 3-6 Sept 2008. The deadline for early registration has been extended to 1 July 2008.Order lucious chocolates from Myrt's favorite Milsean Shoppe. See also the
    FGS Conference Blog.
  • Milseán Chocolate Shoppe (Myrt's nephew's in-laws have created a wonderful chocolate bark of either white or dark chocolate with almonds and/or cranberries.) Milseán (meel-shawn), in Gaelic (Ireland's ancestral language) means "Sweet Things". Visit the retail shoppe at the renovated Aldergrove Fire Hall, at 2900 272nd Street, in Aldergrove, BC or order online.
  • I Have A Song For You Set from Brite Music has great kids' music, songs & activity books. The music is also available in .mp3 format for your iPod. During the podcast you'll hear "I love my Grandpa-pa". Ol' Myrt here particularly likes "I know my number, my telephone number" from the Safety Kids CD.



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