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DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour 1 July 2008

DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour 10 June 2008 genealogy podcast is available for listening via computer or transferred to any .mp3 player if you choose to download the file. An alternative would be to download the file automatically via iTunes. You don’t need an iPod to listen. For a complete list of current DearMYRTLE podcasts visit: http://podcasts.dearmyrtle.com.

MightyMouse TOUR
This segment begins 57 seconds into the podcast and includes entries from
DearMYRTLE's Best of the Internet for Genealogists 29 June 2008 as follows:


Kendall Hulet from Ancestry.com to discuss the New Ancestry.com Search options. During the interview, we used WebEx, so Myrt could view Kendall's computer screen as he described some of his favorite features.

Notice in the screen shot below, Ol' Myrt has only typed in the name William, but Ancestry's computers are already working hard by comparing this with other known men by the name of William on my family tree. In this example, I was planning to research William Gist Froman (A) but if I wished to work on a client's family, I could change the tree Ancestry will search by clicking the down arrow button at (B) below. The "Advanced" button Kendall explains during this interview is shown at (C) below. If I wish to save data entry time, I can merely click the William Gist From on the list, and his birth and death info will be inserted in the new Ancestry.com search screen automatically. This certainly speeds up research time. For more info about Ancestry's new search capabilities, take the
tour. (This segment begins 12 minutes into the podcast.)

Go to Ancestry.com and try out the NEW search option.

Click to search selected pages of Elizabeth's book.
Elizabeth Powel Crowe, author of Genealogy Online 8th edition.
Her Crowe's Nest blog is at www.epcrowe.com. Libbi discusses placing your genealogy on a web page,
using the National Genealogical Society "Guidelines For Publishing Web Pages On The Internet". Be sure to subscribe to Elizabeth's blog, the Crowe's Nest. Following these guidelines, you are sure to create a space on the web to honor your ancestors and attract here-to-fore unknown distant cousins who are working on the same ancestral lines. (This segment begins 47 minutes into the podcast.)

Guidelines For Publishing Web Pages On The Internet
Recommended by the National Genealogical Society

Appreciating that publishing information through Internet Web sites and Web pages shares many similarities with print publishing, considerate family historians—

  • apply a title identifying both the entire Web site and the particular group of related pages, similar to a book-and-chapter designation, placing it both at the top of each Web browser window using the <TITLE> HTML tag, and in the body of the document, on the opening home or title page and on any index pages.

  • explain the purposes and objectives of their Web sites, placing the explanation near the top of the title page or including a link from that page to a special page about the reason for the site.

  • display a footer at the bottom of each Web page which contains the Web site title, page title, author's name, author's contact information, date of last revision and a copyright statement.
  • provide complete contact information, including at a minimum a name and e-mail address, and preferably some means for long-term contact, like a postal address.

  • assist visitors by providing on each page navigational links that lead visitors to other
    important pages on the Web site, or return them to the home page.

  • adhere to the NGS “Standards for Sharing Information with Others” regarding copyright, attribution, privacy, and the sharing of sensitive information.

  • include unambiguous source citations for the research data provided on the site, and if not complete descriptions, offering full citations upon request.

  • label photographic and scanned images within the graphic itself, with fuller explanation if required in text adjacent to the graphic.

  • identify transcribed, extracted or abstracted data as such, and provide appropriate source citations.

  • include identifying dates and locations when providing information about specific surnames or individuals.

  • respect the rights of others who do not wish information about themselves to be published, referenced or linked on a Web site.

  • provide Web site access to all potential visitors by avoiding enhanced technical
    capabilities that may not be available to all users, remembering that not all computers are created equal.
  • avoid using features that distract from the productive use of the Web site, like ones that
    reduce legibility, strain the eyes, dazzle the vision, or otherwise detract from the visitor's ability to easily read, study, comprehend or print the online publication.
  • maintain their online publications at frequent intervals, changing the content to keep the information current, the links valid, and the Web site in good working order.

  • preserve and archive for future researchers their online publications and communications that have lasting value, using both electronic and paper

©2000, 2001 by National Genealogical Society. Permission is granted to copy or publish this material provided it is reproduced in its entirety, including this notice.



  • Second Life (Once you've joined, and it's free, search for Clarise Beaumont or DearMYRTLE Writer.)
  • 2008 FGS Conference in Philadelphia "Footprints in History" 3-6 Sept 2008. The deadline for early registration has been extended to 1 July 2008. See also the FGS Conference Blog.

Click to find out more about the 2008 FGS Conference

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I Have A Song For You Set from BriteMusic.com. Brite Music has great kids' music, songs & activity books. The music is also available in .mp3 format for your iPod. During the podcast you'll hear "I love my Grandpa-pa". Ol' Myrt here particularly likes "I know my number, my telephone number" from the Safety Kids CD.



Happy family tree climbing!
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