Sunday, July 06, 2008

Genealogical Speakers Guild: Mentoring

The Genealogical Speakers Guild is mentoring its members and I think it's great! Here's a recent communication to the Guild's Mailing List:

Genealogical Speakers Guild Mentoring Program
2008 - FGS Philadelphia

We are excited to provide a first-time new program to our members at this
2008 FGS Philadelphia conference. This has been requested by you, our members, though we can not do this alone, we are looking for you. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and abilities with your fellow members. As GSG members, let's work together to better ourselves and support each other, what a great way to mentor or learn from one of your peers.

Are you looking for a mentor ...

  • to help with PowerPoint presentation skills
  • to help review or develop your brochure
  • and create a strong marketing presence
  • to help with the development of your web presence for maximum exposure

Are you available to mentor fellow GSG members for 1 or 2 fifteen minute sessions (for example):

  • PowerPoint Tools and presentation skills
  • Marketing collaterals and ideas and suggestions
  • Website development, what works and what doesn't

Interested? We hope so because we are looking for you. The Genealogical Speakers Guild will be providing a meeting location for members to come together for one-on-one session. Please bring your laptop, marketing material and questions and let's make this new program a successful one.

Sign ups can be done online at the GSG Members Corner at

Any questions, please contact Debby Horton at

Now, when I attended the 2008 NGS Conference in Kansas City, the presenters were marvelous. But there was one little glitch namely, which button to push in PowerPoint to start with the screen you are looking at, and NOT at the beginning. It's a simple option, but missed by three speakers I observed at NGS in May.

Happy family tree climbing!
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