Wednesday, July 02, 2008

magicJack: (yes, I spelled it correctly)

At Dick Eastman's suggestion, last January I ordered a "magicJack" to test out as as an alternative to my usual telephone. (Ol' Myrt still keeps a cell phone in her purse.) MagicJack provides access to US & Canada phone numbers and the set up took less than 2 minutes.

It didn't take a week for me to decide to replace my Vonage phone service (about $24 monthly) with magicJack (about $20 annually). The magicJack service is reliable and provides excellent sound quality. One can customize for local 911 service. magicJack includes free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, directory assistance. I've used the service happily since then. My only problem was that it took literally 2 hours of begging for Vonage to cancel my service. Arrgh!

Plug any regular phone into the magicJack, and then attach the magicJack to your computer via USB. PC Magazine awarded magicJack "Editors' Choice" on 17 Jan 2008.

Ol' Myrt here must keep up with the times. I see magicJack as a way to save money on my phone bill, so I can afford to pay for high speed Internet access, now so necessary for easily viewing scanned images of original documents at Ancestry, Footnote, Genealogy Bank, World Vital Records and other great genealogy websites. (There is this year's candidate for the best run-on sentence!)

I still use Skype for overseas calls. I wonder what alternative Dick would suggest for that?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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