Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PAF Add-Ins for new FamilySearch

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PAF Add-Ins for Now Offered
by FamilyInsight and Ancestral Quest

Certified Personal Ancestral File (PAF) add-ins are now available for FamilyInsight by Ohana Software and Ancestral Quest Version 12.1 by Incline Software. As explained in a previous communication to family history center directors and consultants, PAF users can only access, update, and sync their PAF databases at by using a FamilySearch genealogy management software program or related PAF add-in that is certified for these functions.

The certified PAF add-ins will enable current PAF users to not only upload a PAF file, but to also sync with Syncing will allow users to continually search, match, combine, and update their PAF file with The installation of a PAF add-in will create a sub-menu item in the Tools menu with the name of the user’s selected PAF add-in (for example, Ancestral Quest or FamilyInsight). Clicking on the application will then allow the user to interface with

In addition to the new FamilySearch features, the add-ins provide other features that go beyond the capabilities of the standard PAF application. PAF users will save time when uploading data to and will have the option of working both online or offline from their PAF program.

The PAF add-ins come with a free 60-day trial. That will help PAF users to easily upload and sync their current PAF file(s) with when it is available in their temple district. It is the best method to get existing PAF data into because it checks for possible duplication of information before uploading a PAF file. GEDCOM files can also be imported into PAF through the certified add-in and then migrated to After 60 days, users can elect to pay a nominal fee for the PAF add-in to continue to receive all of the functionality of the Ancestral Quest or FamilyInsight software.

PAF users interested in using a certified PAF add-in should contact the software manufacturers directly to learn more about product features, capabilities, free downloads, and installation.

For FamilyInsight, go to
For Ancestral Quest go to
1-801-280-4434 (Salt Lake City area)

FamilySearch works with affiliate software companies to assist with the development of products and services that are compatible with FamilySearch Web Services. Patrons are encouraged to choose products that are FamilySearch certified.