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ACROSS MY DESK: 20 Aug 2008

Whilst (there is that British word again!) awaiting release of this week’s DearMYRTLE podcast, I’ve been browsing some genealogy-related news on the net.

On the DUV (Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865) Mailing List, members pointed to the online newspaper notice. The article also recalls a 2004 interview with Maudie White Hopkins who talked about her first husband, a Confederate veteran, William M. Cantrel. She married the Confederate army veteran 67 years her senior in 1934. He died in 1937. Hopkins died Sunday at age 93. See:

ALLTOP: Genealogy is in the top 40
Alltop was officially launched in March 11, 2008, according to “Announcing (Formally) Alltop” posted at How To Change The World, and is basically a news/blog aggregator, meaning it has set up categories and then pulls RSS feeds to populate the pages. A number of genealogy bloggers are represented at by title of blog and recent blog entries.

"Alltop is deceptively simple. The site gathers up the best suggestions from the most active social web users and compiles links into a simple, clean discovery space. For many, Alltop will replace their RSS readers." Chris Shipley, the chairman of Guidewire Group and executive producer of DEMO. […]The headlines and first paragraph of the five most recent stories from forty to eighty sources for each topic are displayed. Alltop stories are refreshed approximately every ten minutes.”

So, genealogy is one of the top 40 topics on the web in Alltop’s estimation. Ol’ Myrt notices the “first paragraph” option has been replaced with the shorter title of each blogger’s most recent entries. The ten minute refresh is a great idea.

“If Eastman is the granddaddy, MYRTLE is definitely the grandmamma.” From “Top Genealogy Blogs” article published 18 Aug 2008 in World Vital Records Family History Bulletin, Vol 2, Issue 47. [Thanks for the kind words and congrats to fellow honorees.]

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