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DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour 19 Aug 2008

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GUESTS THIS WEEK Genetree - You Belong Here (Image Link)

Dusty Rhodes
from GeneTree.com, the free website that helps you coordinate communication with family and other researchers with common paternal DNA (Y-DNA). Dusty calls this the way to keep family together using the power of DNA. The only cost is for the actual DNA testing, in the form of a mouthwash. From GeneTree.com we discover the company utilizes exceptional tools and resources from organizations at the forefront of their respective industries. These include:

  • Sorenson Media, developer of the world's leading digital video compression and encoding software and of innovative tools that enable the development and publishing of user-generated video that help reinvent participants’ Internet experience. The company’s technology has been installed on more than a billion computers worldwide, with users ranging from individuals to major corporations and top Hollywood studios.
  • The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) is a non-profit organization building the world’s foremost collection of DNA samples correlated with genealogical information, gathered from individuals in more than 170 nations. (Pedigree-based)

  • DNA testing is performed by ISO-accredited Sorenson Genomics, the world’s first genetic testing laboratory certified for genetic genealogy purposes by the American Association of Blood Banks.

  • GeneTree is one of Family Tree Magazine's 101 best Websites - 2008

  • GeneTree Blog

  • (This segment begins 8:30 minutes into the podcast.)

Elizabeth Powel Crowe, author of Genealogy Online 8th edition. It’s back to school time, Click to search selected pages of Elizabeth's book.and maybe you’re thinking you need to know more about genealogy techniques and methods. One way to learn about genealogy is to take an online course. This week Libbi suggests correspondence and online classes to refine our research techniques:

  • Introduction to Genealogy from National Genealogical Society (U.S.)-Click on Learning Center, then on Online Courses. Most genealogists take this course first. It is very American-centric, but the techniques can be applied to any country’s vital statistics. There are more advance courses for specific regions and resources (e.g. wills). Introduction to Genealogy is an online course for those who have done little, if any, research on their families. It is open to anyone who wishes to enroll. Members of the National Genealogical Society (NGS) receive a tuition discount.

  • Family History Personal Enrichment Classes Learn from Brigham Young University about research in the United States, France and Germany. These are non-credit courses, so there are no exams!

  • Certificate in Genealogical Studies The National Institute for Genealogical Studies has joined forces with the Professional Learning Centre, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto to provide web-based courses for both family historians and professional genealogists.

  • GenClass Online classes in a variety of genealogical topics are conducted online by qualified, experienced instructors. Each four-week class includes a detailed course curriculum and online class meetings for $29.95.

  • A more comprehensive listing, along with seminars, workshops and classes, can be found in Libbi's book.

  • Be sure to subscribe to Elizabeth's blog, the Crowe's Nest.

  • (This segment begins 31 minutes into the podcast.)
Whitney Ransom from WorldVitalRecords.com and FamilyLink.com to discuss the possible February 2009 release of the new Family History Library Catalog. (How Ol' Myrt wishes she could be in on the beta testing of this resource!)

The September DearMYRTLE's Salt Lake Study Group Field Trip is to the Family History Library to attend the free Utah Genealogical Association Fall Conference 12-13 Sept 2008. Find out more at: www.infouga.org. Since Ol' Myrt will be speaking and must arrive early, the DearMYRTLE Study Group members are invited to take Salt Lake City's hi-speed rail, TRAX, and attend on their own. Myrt's topics include:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists - The class focuses on feedback from other genealogists who would do things differently if they were starting over from scratch. Handouts include research log, research checklist, a plan for filing paper documents, and information leading to proper source citation.

  • The Winter of Our Discontent: 3 Months to Better Organization - We’ve heard about marathon runners? How about a marathon to finally get organized? Myrt quickens the pace of her 12-month program, and asks you to devote a mere 12 weeks to the process. You can do this! Includes sorting, filing, data input, scanning photos, documenting artifacts, & creating family history experiences for the non-genealogists in the family.

  • Women Are From Venus: Finding Female Ancestors - Practical advice for locating elusive maiden names of our ancestors includes case studies and a checklist for likely source documents.

  • Union Civil War Pension and Widows’ Files - Accessing these oft-overlooked genealogy gems focuses on three Union Civil War Pension case studies, and one widow’s file that culminated in three approved Daughters of Union Veterans membership applications.
Bountiful (Utah) Family History Roundtable

Second Life (Once you've joined, and it's free, search for Clarise Beaumont or DearMYRTLE Writer.)

2008 FGS Conference in Philadelphia "Footprints in History" 3-6 Sept 2008. The deadline for early registration has been extended to 1 July 2008.Order lucious chocolates from Myrt's favorite Milsean Shoppe. See also the FGS Conference Blog.

Milseán Chocolate Shoppe (Myrt's nephew's in-laws have created a wonderful chocolate bark of either white or dark chocolate with almonds and/or cranberries.) Milseán (meel-shawn), in Gaelic (Ireland's ancestral language) means "Sweet Things". Visit the retail shoppe at the renovated Aldergrove Fire Hall, at 2900 272nd Street, in Aldergrove, BC or order online.

Preview IssueBrite Music has great kids' music, songs & activity books. The music is also available in .mp3 format for your iPod. During the podcast you'll hear "I know my number". Ol' Myrt taught her young children to memorize the family telephone number, and now her daughters are teaching Myrt's grandchildren using the same song. It's from the Safety Kids CD.

Discovering Family History is the magazine Myrt mentions with practical, easy-to-follow articles for beginning genealogists. Way to Go, Editor Ed! Click to
download a free sample copy. This is a great resources for genealogy instructors.

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