Thursday, August 21, 2008

GeneTree Adds Y-Chromosome DNA Testing Option

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GeneTree Adds Y-Chromosome DNA Testing Option to Trace Paternal Line Ancestors, Research Surnames and Connect with Present Day Relatives

Addition of New Test Means GeneTree Participants Can Now Conveniently Tap Into the World’s Largest and Most Diverse Databases of Linked DNA and Family History Information Using Both Y-Chromosome (Paternal Line) DNA and Mitochondrial (Maternal Line) DNA Profiles.

SALT LAKE CITY (July 21, 2008)—GeneTree, a DNA-enabled family history-sharing networking Web site designed to help people understand where their personal histories belong within the greater human genetic story, today added a Y-chromosome DNA testing option allowing participants to search for paternal line ancestors in the world’s largest and most diverse genetic genealogy databases. Providing a Y-DNA testing service along with its existing mitochondrial DNA testing means GeneTree participants can now conveniently research both paternal and maternal lineages using DNA profiles.

“This is a powerful addition for people exploring their genealogy through genetics,” said Matt Cupal, GeneTree COO. “Researching a paternal line with Y-DNA enables a person to go deep into their ancestry beyond traditional research roadblocks, such as missing documentation. Also, it can help them understand how a living person with the same last name is related to them.” Y-DNA is an unrivaled tool for tracing paternal ancestry. Only males have the Y-chromosome, which is passed down from father to son, and males with a common paternal ancestor have almost identical Y-DNA.

Women may trace their paternal line by arranging Y-DNA testing for their father, a brother or other male relative in their direct paternal line. Because people generally inherit their surnames from their father, Y-DNA testing is an excellent tool for surname research.

Launched in October 2007, GeneTree applies social networking and rich media technologies to genetic genealogy providing individuals with innovative tools to map, assemble, record and share their family histories. Participants collaborate to build family networks online and add new connections with previously unknown living relatives.

GeneTree is working in partnership with the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation in building the world’s most comprehensive genetic genealogy databases with the intention of expanding the concept of family and deepening the ability of individuals to comprehend their place within the human family.

The online pressroom is located at, and provides high-resolution images, FAQs, backgrounder and product brochure. Pricing and Availability Beginning immediately, GeneTree is offering two Y-chromosome DNA test options: a basic 33-marker test and an enhanced 46-marker test. Prices begin at $149 with discounts for those who have already had a mitochondrial DNA test through GeneTree. Additional information is available at

About GeneTree Gene
Tree ( is a DNA-enabled family history-sharing Web site designed to help people understand where their personal histories belong within the greater human genetic story. GeneTree creates opportunities for unlocking human genetic heritage, discovering ancestors, connecting and collaborating with living relatives, and sharing rich media to help discover, document and preserve family histories. GeneTree was developed by the Sorenson family of companies and draws on the expertise of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, a nonprofit organization that developed the world's foremost collection of genetic-genealogy information; Sorenson Media, which created of the world's leading digital video compression software; and Sorenson Genomics, which pioneered Internet-based consumer DNA testing. --

Dusty Rhoades
Product Marketing Director