Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TNG v7.0.1

NOTE from DearMYRTLE: Lots of email announcements of late. This one is from our friend Darrin Lythgoes of TNG The Next Generation of Site Building. Please address all inquiries to him at darrin@lythgoes.net

TNG v7.0.1 Now Available

This is to let you know that TNG v7.0.1 is now available on the v7 downloads page. The changes are summarized on that page and also here below. Please remember to follow instructions! By far, the number one cause of upgrade trouble is still failure to follow instructions. If you have a problem, please re-read the instructions to see if you missed anything before you contact me.

The question of parental data & media on a child's individual page was addressed by adding an option in the General Settings (under Miscellaneous). If you don't change that option, it will behave the same as before, except that the standard events of Marriage & Divorce, which previously were not being displayed for parents, will now be displayed as well. Other options are 1) only display standard events, and 2) Display nothing.

A few new messages were added to the text files. These have been added in English for all languages until proper translations are contributed.

Thanks for your patience on all the issues that were addressed here. I still maintain that the v7 testers did a fantastic job with the initial release. There are so many people using the product in so many different ways, however, that it's virtually impossible to cover everything.


7.0.1 changes:
  • Some style issues have been resolved in a few of the prebuilt templates.
  • The home page was showing multiple BODY tags (fixed).
  • The error_reporting declaration in subroot.php was moved to the top of the file.
  • The default photo for a family was not being shown on the family group page (fixed).
  • The default photos for sources and repositories were not being displayed on those pages either (fixed).
  • Reports using family events were failing because of an ambiguous field name (fixed).
  • The surname prefix was being left off of some names in the PDF charts (fixed).
  • Labels for new media types were not being shown on the Statistics and What's New pages (fixed).
  • The mail sent by the Contact Us form was revealing the true email address of the site owner if the user elected to send a copy to their address (fixed).
  • Some redirection links did not work in CMS environments (fixed).
  • An new Root Path value would not allow the General Settings page to be saved (fixed).
  • The sorting of search results (by clicking on the column headings) did not work on some servers (fixed).
  • Citations attached to notes were not being displayed (fixed).
  • The headstone status was not being displayed in some places where it should have been (fixed).
  • The Dates & Anniversaries page did not work for any date other than the default (fixed).
  • Place names were not being grouped or sorted correctly on the Places page (fixed).
  • The Merge tab did not work from the Admin/Edit Place page (fixed).
  • Deleting a tree would cause all users not linked to any tree to become deactivated (fixed; only users attached to the deleted tree should become deactivate).
  • Links to albums on the getperson page were not showing if none of the albums had thumbnails (fixed).
  • Image previews weren't working if the file name contained special characters (fixed).
  • The media Image Map did not work in some situations (fixed).
  • Special characters did not work in some of the modal dialog popup boxes (fixed).
  • Links and other HTML content attached to media did not work (would be displayed as text) during a slide show (fixed).
  • The Title was being omitted from the name display in favor of the new Prefix field (fixed; now both are visible).
  • If you required a login on your site, anonymous visitors who attempted to send you mail via the Contact Us form were being greeted with a Login screen after sending the message (fixed; and no, the email was not being sent).
  • The media Image Map did not work in some situations (fixed).
  • Some people could not add more than one image to an album (fixed).
  • The gedcom import was skipping lines that directly followed events with no date or place (fixed).
  • The New Media page was failing if a tree was selected on the page (fixed).
  • Entries on the Most Wanted page were not displaying their true sort order with some versions of MySQL (fixed).
  • The Google Map was not being displayed on some admin pages if the Default Zoom (Map Settings) had no value (fixed).
  • The customconfig.php file was not being loaded from the Admin area (fixed).
  • Passwords could not be reset from the public Login page (fixed).
  • Multiple notes for the same event were not being separated by a blank line on the Ahnentafel report (fixed).
  • "Short" source titles will now be displayed on the public Sources page if no "long" title exists.
  • The Google Map did not render properly if the map was set to be initially revealed but was still hidden inside a larger collapsed area (fixed).
  • The "Delete Selected" button did not work on the Admin/Users/Review page (fixed).
  • Form fields in the PDF options box were not long enough for some browsers (fixed).
  • When searching for photos for the Most Wanted page, you could not select photos beyond the first page of results (fixed).
  • The max length of media descriptions (before they get truncated on the media list pages) was increased from 250 to 350 characters.
  • Descriptions for external media or direct-link media will no longer be truncated at all.
    When adding links to an album, no indication was being given that the link had been made (fixed; a small icon now replaces the word "Add").
  • When creating new people from spouses area of the Add/Edit Family page, the generated ID was sometimes incorrect (fixed).
  • The width of the left-side menu in the Admin area has been increased to 150 pixels.
    Converting from one media type to another from the Admin/Media page didn't work (fixed).
  • The icons at the bottom of the Admin/Utilities page have been removed, and the instructional message at the top has been corrected.
  • Some queries were corrected to be compatible with MySQL 5.
  • The "Find" icon next to the place field on the Edit Event popup did not work (fixed).
    Albums could not be linked to places (fixed).
  • On a new installation, it was possible to import without a tree selected (fixed).
  • Text "balloons" on the Google Map on the individual cemetery pages were not showing the right information (fixed).
  • When searching for photos for the Most Wanted page, you could not go beyond the first page of results (fixed).
  • Thumbnails on the Most Wanted page were sometimes overlapping the row beneath them (fixed).
  • Some people saw a "page not found" message while logging in because of an erroneous redirection to an "https" URL (fixed).
  • The Dates & Anniversaries page was not accounting for the server time offset (fixed).
    Media were not showing for places if the individual page was flagged to start with "Personal Information" instead of "All" (fixed).
  • Choosing the "Accept all new custom events" option during an import was overriding settings on existing custom event types (fixed).
  • Names for living individuals were being shown on the home page of Template 7, even if they were not supposed to be shown elsewhere (fixed).
  • Admin users without Add, Edit or Delete rights could still perform those actions on custom media types (fixed).
  • Media could not be linked to indivduals (due to a Javascript error) if the GD image library was not installed (fixed).
  • Instructions on the Merge People screen told you to check a box to delete the event on the right when it should have said on the left (fixed).
  • Names were not being displayed for family links on the Admin/Media page (fixed).
  • The display of parental data on a child's individual page is now configurable.
  • Some notes were generating blank lines or omitting carriage returns in the gedcom export (fixed).
  • The Resequencing utility was halting if it encountered a branch designation for a person who no longer existed (fixed).
  • Some sources were incorrectly shown to be linked to living individuals because the tree ID was not being factored into an imported query (fixed).
  • Some messages were hard coded and not translatable (fixed).
  • The Prefix was being shown twice whenever a name was shown as "Last Name, First Name" (fixed).
  • Large thumbnails were displayed the wrong size on the pedigree chart in IE6 (fixed).
  • Saving the "What's New" message under Admin/Reports provided no feedback and would not save special characters properly (fixed).
  • Sources could not be searched on a partial "short title" match unless the title began with the search criteria (fixed).
  • Server and site time now displayed on the General Settings page to aid with the "Server time offset".