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Utah Genealogical Association events

There are two upcoming special events sponsored by the UGA Utah Genealogical Association, and Ol’ Myrt will be participating in both as follows:

Ol’ Myrt here is pleased to announce she will be speaking at the annual Utah Genealogical Association Fall Conference to be held at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah September 12-13, 2008. The conference is available for free, except for the syllabus ($10 book, $4 CD). The Friday evening banquet ($23), features the popular and well-versed Kory Meyerink, who will present “It’s True, It’s True, I Saw It in Print”.

Myrt's classroom topics include:
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists - The class focuses on feedback from other genealogists who would do things differently if they were starting over from scratch. Handouts include research log, research checklist, a plan for filing paper documents, and information leading to proper source citation.
  • The Winter of Our Discontent: 3 Months to Better Organization - We’ve heard about marathon runners? How about a marathon to finally get organized? Myrt quickens the pace of her 12-month program, and asks you to devote a mere 12 weeks to the process. You can do this! Includes sorting, filing, data input, scanning photos, documenting artifacts, & creating family history experiences for the non-genealogists in the family.
  • Women Are From Venus: Finding Female Ancestors - Practical advice for locating elusive maiden names of our ancestors includes case studies and a checklist for likely source documents.
  • Union Civil War Pension and Widows’ Files - Accessing these oft-overlooked genealogy gems focuses on three Union Civil War Pension case studies, and one widow’s file that culminated in three approved Daughters of Union Veterans membership applications.

This week-long event will be held January 12-16, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Radisson. Although DearMYRTLE is not presenting classes, she is pleased to announce she will be the dinner speaker at the Friday evening banquet. The SL Institute features a series of genealogy courses features the following tracks:

  • Course 1 American Records and Research: Focusing on Localities with Paula Stuart Warren
  • Course 2 Research of the Gulf South ... Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas with Mark Lowe
  • Course 3 English Research with David Rencher
  • Course 4 Research in German Speaking Areas with Larry Jensen
  • Course 5 Colonial American Research with Kory Meyerink
  • Course 6 Effective Use of the Internet with Rhonda McClure
  • Course 7 Hispanic Research: Discovering Your Ancestors in Spain and Latin America with Lynn Turner
  • Course 8 Beyond the Library: Research in Archives, Courthouses and Manuscript Collections with Dr. John Philip Colletta
  • Course 9 Skill Building For Professional Level Research with Dr. Thomas Jones
  • Course 10 Problem Solving with Judith Hansen

Special evening events include:

  • Plenary Session with Dr. Thomas Jones, Ph.D
  • Creating Your Personal Genealogical Website by Joshua Taylor
  • Can You Prove You Are Better Than You Are? by Ron Hill
  • Going Digital: Organizing Your Research Files Electronically, by Joshua Taylor
  • Quick, Complete and Accurate: Document Analysis for Researchers, by J. Mark Lowe
  • African American Research, by Christopher C. Child
  • The Jones Jinx: Tracing Common Surnames, by Thomas Jones
  • Using Original and Derivative Sources: How to Evaluate Evidence, by John P. Colletta
  • Extreme Googling for Genealogists, by Birdie Holsclaw
  • Plug ins, Toolbars, and More: Customizing Your Internet Experience, by Joshua Taylor
  • Twenty Years of Stuff. Now What Do I Do?, by Elissa Scalise Powell
  • Five Proven Techniques for Finding Your Ancestors European Origins, by Thomas Jones
  • Remembering the War: Civil War Veterans, by J. Mark Lowe
  • Blogging for Genealogists, by Birdie Holsclaw
  • Discovering the Stories of Your Immigrant Ancestors, by John P. Colletta

To register for these events and to find out more about the Utah Genealogical Association, visit .

Happy family tree climbing!
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