Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woman Reunited with 85-Year-Old Heirloom Photo of Mother and Grandmother

Ol' Myrt has set a Google Alert for the term "DearMYRTLE" and that's how I discovered the following good news press release from our friends at :

Springdale, AR (PRWEB) August 27, 2008 -- user Mae Sadler performed a surname search and discovered
photograph record #18474 of her five-week-old mother, Millicent Rose Marie Minnick, and her grandmother Katherine Rose Frank-Minnick. "What a find!" exclaimed Sadler when she reported her happy online discovery, one of over 1,278 reported photo reunions to date at DeadFred Genealogy Photo Archive.

Recently discovered photo at of Katherine Rose Frank-Minnick and 5-week-old baby Millicent Rose Marie Minnick, just one of over 1,278 reported photo reunions that have occurred at the site since its inception in March of 2001.

Featured on Cyndi's List,, Wall Street Journal, The Genealogue, National Public Radio, DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour, Family Tree Magazine and numerous other web sites and blogs, is a free place where visitors can conduct unlimited surname and detailed searches for photos of their ancestors, join discussion groups, search school annual photos, subscribe to a free e-newsletter and even post and manage their own photo records.

Anyone who finds a photograph of a direct ancestor will receive the original photograph for free (provided the original is owned by the Archive).

Found and purchased by another user at a flea market, the 85-year-old photo of baby Millicent and her mother is part of an heirloom album that chronicles the life, marriage, death, travels, friends and family of Jo Hopper. The
searchable database at currently contains 82,317 identified and mystery photo records with over 15,000 different surnames represented. users upload daily old family photos found in attics and closets, as well as orphaned photos salvaged from flea markets, estate sales, antique stores and junk shops, growing the database for posterity.

With every upload and every discovery, submitters and searchers alike are able to share invaluable photos across generations. Living relatives have an online community for preserving photos, and rightful families have a place where they can reconnect with long-lost images of their ancestors. For more reunion stories, sign up for the free
enewsletter Relatively Speaking at

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